Saturday, April 27, 2019

In My Mailbox #390

Okay, but what. Was it not Saturday just yesterday? Gosh. I actually did read a book this week, so yay :D But only one. Sigh. Hoping next week will be easier. I'm not doing too well, health completely sucks. And I am beyond exhausted every day. I spend hours with sister and her kids. It's the best. But exhausting. I do need to read more so badly. But no time. And I have done zero catching up. Ugh. I so hope that it will get easier soon. I just need a little more energy and then I can finally do things. Please let me feel better very shortly. But anyway. Eee. I got some stunning mail this week :D I love it all. So very much. Such gorgeous books. <3 Only two blog posts this week; hoping to get better at that. Ack. This week I am waiting on Five Dark Fates :D Then I shared my review of What We Buried. Which was not good at all. Ack. Also, I have been so busy with my spa bath.. My two hours of hot water each day is perfection. So tired, but worth it :)

The Red Scrolls of Magic. Eee. Two UK hardcovers and international paperback. It's all kinds of stunning.
Sky in the Deep. Got a replacement UK paperback that is not damaged, so yay :D It is so very gorgeous.
Grave Mercy + Elegy. AHH! Thank you so much Dana for this most stunning trade :D I am so happy. <3
Funko Prize. EEE! I won a Pusheen pop and got some extras from Funko Europe :D I love it so much.
Pop Figures. First of my dragons have arrived, finally :D SO cute. And my Johnny pop too. So awesome.
We Hunt the Flame Swag. EEE! Thank you so much Hafsah for this most perfect pre-order swag. Love.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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