Saturday, April 20, 2019

In My Mailbox #389

Gosh. I really wanted to read this past week. But I have had zero time for reading. What. And no time at all for catching up. Ahh. But oh. I have had such a great week, despite getting nothing done. My spa bath came up on Sunday, eee :D And had my first daily bath on Monday. It has been perfection. But my gosh, how exhausted it makes me. I'm always exhausted these days, and my spa baths make me so tired. But I do not mind, not really. As they are worth it. Eee. So perfect, so hot, so relaxing. The time not spent in my spa bath, is spent with my sister and her kids. It takes up so much of my time. Oops. But love family time so very much too. But yes. Please do let me be able to read soon. Tomorrow. I want to read I truly do. But also do not know what to read next. Hmm. Anyway. I only had one blog post this week. What even! Was too tired for reading and posting anything. Gah. I must get better. This week I'm waiting on The Mystwick School of Musicraft. <3 It is Easter week, so two days less with mail. But my gosh, I got a whole bunch of awesome, despite that :D Eee! And oh. How I love everything. Sigh. So much perfect. <3 I hope you are all doing well. I'm trying to catch up. Hoping my body will improve shortly. But I am still doing doing okay :)

The Place on Dalhousie. Eee. I love Melina :D But I cannot remember the first book at all. Oops. Pretty :)
Descendant of the Crane. I adored this book, and the finished copy is all kinds of gorgeous. I love it tons.
The Raven's Tale. This book look so very gorgeous. I love this cover. And I adore this author. So much.
Through the White Wood. Such a stunning finished copy. Eee. I need to give this book a second chance.
Vanguard. Suddenly noticed I didn't have this paperback for my collection. Had to order right away, haha.
To Kill a Kingdom. Had forgotten to order this one too. Ahh! I loved this book; so much. It is gorgeous too.
Archenemies. Okay, I know, two editions. I need to sell some of them, but together, oops :) But SO pretty.
Sadie. Ahh! Norwegian edition of this precious :D Thank you so much to the publisher for sending to me.
Pop Figures. Finally got these two; got the other two ages ago, haha :D They are just so cute. Love them.
Kingsbane Swag. EEE! Thank you soso much Page158books for letting me order from you to get this :D

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