Friday, June 1, 2018

Cover Reveal: A Crystal of Time by Soman Chainani

Gosh. I am so so so excited for this one :D I love this series beyond words. The School for Good and Evil is the very very best series. Heartbreaking. Fun. And full of adventure. And some cute romance too. Eee. But also beyond evil. Hmph. The ending for book four just about killed me. And having to wait until March next year for this fifth book might murder me for real. Ahhh. It's going to be so so good, though. And eee! This cover! I cannot. They all look so beautiful :D Ahhh. My Agatha is my favorite, always. <3 But do love them all. Sigh. Love the colors. Love that this cover is a bit different from the other four, and a bit different artwork too, even though it's by the same artist. They are all beyond beautiful. Such a huge fan of these covers. Eee. But gosh. This book. A Crystal of Time is going to be perfection. And evil. And I cannot wait to read every page of it. These books just mean so much to me. Sigh. What do you think of this cover? :)

No summary yet. But first chapter can be read here.

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