Saturday, June 9, 2018

In My Mailbox #344

Honestly, where are the days going? Feels like it is always Saturday, haha. Time is moving so fast. This week I got to read a bit at least, so yay for that. But not good books. Ugh. I need to read an amazing one. And so I'm starting My Plain Jane next, which I hope will be perfect. Fingers crossed. I got new medicine on Thursday, and gosh, how I hope it will help, finally. Stomach feels a little better, I think, but not much. Fingers crossed for the next days. Ahh. I need to feel better already. Hmph. I blogged a little this week. <3 I shared my review of Cuckoo Song :) This week I'm waiting on Last of Her Name. <3 I took part in the blog tour for The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik :) Which I also then read and reviewed. This week has gone by fast, yet so incredibly slow too. I'm goddamn tired of being sick and in pain all the time. It sucks. But dealing with it. Probably. Hoping to start reading again tonight :D Or just maybe finally watch some movies. Hmm. Well, re-watch, haha. Also got a bunch of gorgeous mail this week, eee. I'm in love.

Furyborn. Thank you so much Foggy Pine Books :D Loved ordering from them. <3 Stunning hardcover.
Legendary. I now own book one and two, and must read them one day, haha. Looks so gorgeous though.
His Dark Materials. I could not resist buying this new copy of all three books in one. It is just awesome.
Vicious. I had to get this new hardcover edition, eee, I just had to. This cover is simply beautiful. I love it.
Quests for Glory. Eee, paperback edition :D With four chapters of book five. Ahhh. I loved them so much.
Hotel Transylvania. Eee, new books :D Could not resist. So cute. Dying for this third movie this summer.
Furyborn. Yesss. My personalized copy from Books of Wonder :D Thank you so much Claire. <3 Love.
Furyborn. Ahh. Audiobook. Expensive. And I do not like this hard and big version of audios. Ack. So I'm a bit upset about it. Aw. I like those smaller ones that are not made of plastic. Hmm. Still, I do love my copy.
The Adventures of John Blake. Couldn't resist buying the new paperback edition too :D I love Philip so.

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  1. Love your haul (and your dedication to Furyborn ;)).

    I need to add the new edition of Vicious onto my shelves too!


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