Saturday, June 16, 2018

In My Mailbox #345

Another week gone by. So so very fast. I managed to read one book this week, at least, so yay for that :) Though I did spend a whole week without reading anything. Ahh. I hate having so little energy. But soon. I shall get better. The medicine is somewhat working, and I think and hope that with only a few more doses things will start getting better. Fingers crossed. I did not get to blog a lot this week. Only two posts. This week I'm waiting on Beneath the Citadel. <3 And I shared my review of My Plain Jane :D I also got a ton of gorgeous book mail, eee. Lots of ARCs for trade :D I'm so in love with all of them. <3 So so so happy. I still have so little energy, so I'm still forever behind on things, ahh. But will try my best to get things done. Soonish. I also very very much want to re-watch all the Lord of the Rings movies again, the extended editions, always :D Shall do it this coming week, I think. Love those movies so much. Sigh. And shall be reading a lot more too. I must. Have many books that need to be read, haha :) Also, if you are reading this, please do take the time to leave a comment. <3 Would mean so much to me. Almost all my posts these days get zero comments. I mean, I have only gotten four comments in all of June. Ack. I get that people are busy. <3 But, well, I'm still getting the same amount of pageviews, so it's a bit confusing too. Oh, well. I shall always continue blogging, though :) Despite always shitty health, I had a good week. <3

Shadow of the Fox + Sea Witch + Aftermath + The Masked Truth. Eee! Love all of these so so so much :D Thank you the most for trading with me Kelly. <3 SO excited to read Shadow of the Fox shortly :D Eee.
Renegades. Ahh! Love! UK ARC :D My collection is growing so well. Thank you so much Sarah-Jane. <3
Spectacle + Grisha Pins. Eee! Thank you so much Theresa :D I am thrilled with these. So so so much. <3
Our Dark Duet. Yay for the US paperback finally being out. Excited to read the new exclusive scenes in it.
Iron Tide Rising. The gorgeous UK paperback edition :D Must read this final book very soon. I'm nervous.
Onyx & Ivory Swag. Yay! Thank you Mindee :D Stunning swag pack for the Relay group. I love it all. <3
Pop Figures. Eee, my Miraculous Ladybug pop figures finally arrived :D And gosh, they are all so perfect.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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  1. I've only seen the first and first half of the second Lord of the Rings movie lol! I have, however, listened to the trilogy on audiobook and really enjoyed it. :)

    Hope the medicine continues to work! x


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