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Review: Bright We Burn by Kiersten White

This series have been very complicated for me. I loved the first one. I very much disliked the second one. And this third one was right in the middle. Giving it three stars. It was a book that I could not stop reading. I loved the writing and Lada, but I did not love anything else about it. And I feel kind of disappointed, honestly.

Like the previous two books, this one is told from the point of view of Lada and Radu. Once again I really loved the writing of the book. I found it to be easy to read, and easy to connect with everything. Only wish the story had not hurt me so. Because, oh gosh, this book is painful. Most are going to love all of it, though.

But I did not. Because my feelings are a bit tender on certain things, haha. Romance especially. And I have a lot of thoughts about the romance in these books, which I will write about a lot shortly. But first I shall start with the characters. I still very much love Lada. She is the reason for why I'm reading these books; I have loved her so since the first book. She is so incredibly dark, though, and she does a lot of killing. Often killing a bit too much. But I didn't really mind, haha. I just loved reading about Lada. For the most part, that is. She was such an amazing girl and I loved getting to know more about her. But I also hated her at times. Ack. For how she treated Bogdan. For how she felt towards Mehmed. Hmph. This girl pretty much killed me. But loved her.

There is so much I could say about this book. I am not going to mention most of it. Though my review is probably going to end up pretty long, because there are some things I need to discuss. A few smaller spoilers, nothing huge, not really. This book was pretty exciting at times. There is war. And Lada is all kinds of brutal and dark. And I loved that about her. She does some horrible things, and those were the most exciting moments, haha. I loved reading about her as the Prince of her country. It was awesome.

Though this book was a bit boring at times too, because there were a whole lot of pages where nothing happened. Hmph. Yet it was still a good final book. I mean, nothing that I wanted to happen happened, so I'm sad about it. But the writing was great. And I loved this world. And the story was pretty interesting too. I just could not stand Radu and reading about him again pretty much broke me. Ugh. I shall not write too much about him. Just that Radu was not a kind man. At all. And yet he thinks he is. So highly annoying.

This book focus on Lada and Radu and Mehmed. Well, not really much about Mehmed at all. Just how they all live around him. And how him and Lada are going to war against each other. There is a whole lot happening. So complicated. Yet interesting to read about. Some things I did not care about at all, but I still could not stop reading this book. Which is a good feeling to have. But anyway. I'm not going to mention a lot of the plot. Only sharing some things that I had issues with about this, and how I felt. There is a bunch.

There is a whole bunch of characters in this book. And I loved some of them. Though I probably shouldn't have. Ugh. So many deaths. How rude. Lada is still my favorite, though. Despite how I did not approve of some of her choices. Hmph. Especially one choice made near the end of the book. It was heartbreaking and it bothers me a lot. Ahh. Lada deserved all the happiness. And it kills me that no one was willing to give that to her. Not even her brother. Hmph. I very much did not like their relationship. He was not good.

The romance. Sigh. I cannot with this romance. Mehmed is still obsessed with Lada, though he has not given her anything that she needed. Lada still has feelings for him too. And Radu is a bit unsure how he feels about Mehmed, as he cannot stop thinking about the other man he spent time with. There is truly no romance. Yet it still bothered me. Mehmed and Lada do not belong together, so I'm happy about that. But then there was Bogdan too, and Lada is sleeping with him and using him, and I so did not approve. Sigh.

I must mention that there was too much death in this one, too many important characters died. And we only really got one grief scene over all the deaths. And I did not care for that scene at all, because that death did not affect me one bit, haha. I was actually glad that death happened, to be honest. So that one grief scene was a bit annoying for me. Especially because a lot more important characters died, and I did not see any grief for them, and I wanted to, so badly. Those deaths may bother me for some time. Rude.

I must admit that I'm a bit bitter over the ending that Radu got. It was too good. And it makes me so so angry. Because I do not feel like he deserved a happy ending at all. He was not a good person. There was no pain and suffering for Radu. And I needed there to be. Ugh. I'm so disappointed about his ending, though I might be the only one who is, haha. He treated Lada so badly in all three books. And she always loved him, even so. I am not okay with that. Radu should have had a different ending. I did not like him.

Bright We Burn was sadly not the final book that I wanted it to be. It did not have the happy endings I wanted at all, and I'm still pretty heartbroken about that. I mean, the endings made sense, of course, and I loved how dark this book was. But I was still disappointed over how some things ended. Sigh. Though I will say that even though I was disappointed by this book, I still enjoyed reading it. Because I could not stop once I started. And I needed to know what happened next. I also really liked this world a whole lot.

I very much adore this author, though. Kiersten is awesome. But yeah, this series was a disappointment for me. I also have such a big collection of all the books, ack. But I don't really mind. They are gorgeous. Only wish I could have loved this final book. Sigh. But it was simply not for me. And it is a three star, not two, because I did not hate it like I did with the second one. Hmm. Huge thank you to Penguin Random House International for sending me the free ARC copy of this book to read and review. Love my copy so.

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