Monday, June 5, 2017

Shadow and Bone Trilogy: New Covers

Eee! I am SO excited about this :D There are new covers coming up for Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm & Ruin and Rising. And oh god. They are GORGEOUS. I'm most in love with the first one :D Eee. So so stunning. Sniffs. I love them so much. This series is amazing. Love Mal the most. Eee. It's been too long since I last read them, though. Hmph. I must re-read them all soon. And gosh, I just can't wait to own these three. So perfect looking. Sigh. All books by Leigh are awesome. It sadly isn't possible to pre-order these books yet, sobs, but Fierce Reads says they will be out this summer. Ahh. I just hope they will show up on book depo too, because I need them like crazy :D If you haven't read this trilogy yet, then SHAME ON YOU. Because they are AMAZING. And a must read. Get moving. What do you think of them all? :D



  1. Love the new covers. Beautiful :-) I'm currently reading Shadow and Bone, and love this series so far ;-)

  2. Oh, wow. How gorgeous! Love these covers!!!

  3. OMG!! Lots of love for these! I don't like them as much as the originals of course, but it's a great new look! Actually, seeing these just now really makes me itch for a reread of the series myself - it's been a while!


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