Monday, June 26, 2017

Review: Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

Finally got to read this precious book. Eee. Been waiting ages for this one, and so happy to have read and loved it. I just really wish there had been a third book too. Aw. Not ready to be done reading about August. How rude. But I shall survive. Probably. Despite being long, it was so easy to read this book. Loved that.

The writing is gorgeous, as always with Victoria. And I had no issues getting into the book. I did have a few small issues with the story, ahh, but nothing too big. I still enjoyed this so much and I'm giving it five stars. I found book one to be the best, but this sequel was still incredible. And heartbreaking. Loved it a lot.

This sequel takes place six months after the end of This Savage Song. And oh, how things are different. Kate is in a new place, and she actually has friends. They seemed like pretty awesome people, but didn't get to read that much about them. Aw. But I'm glad she wasn't alone all those months. But also a bit sad that she wasn't with August instead. Aw. And oh, how my boy have changed. It bothered me a little, that he was not the same boy from book one. But I do not blame him at all for changing. The city of Verity has gone really awful in the past six months. And August has had to change with that, to help the people. It broke my heart a little to read about all the things he had to do. All the souls he had to take, all the time. I wanted August happy.

I love that this book is still from the point of views of August and Kate. Eee. But this time there are a few monsters included too. Like Sloan. Shudders. And a new type of monster too. The new monster was all kinds of creepy and I loved reading about it. Though the way that monster killed was the worst. So rude. And then there was Sloan. Oh, how I hate this monster character. He's so brutal and awful and he kills and tortures a lot. It's a bit disturbing. But a good villain, I suppose. Didn't love his point of view, though.

But I do love August. I love this boy so so much. But yeah, I had some issues with how he had changed. Broke my heart that he isn't the same soft and kind and gentle boy anymore. But he's still all of that, just much deeper inside. He has had to become strong and a bit brutal too. Though I did love those new sides of him as well. And I loved reading about him so much. He is an amazing character and I love him so so much. Especially love reading about his monster side. It's a bit creepy and yet the most amazing thing.

And Kate. Ah. I love this girl so much. Loved getting to know her better. Loved that she hasn't changed much at all. And really enjoyed reading about her caring for her new friends. Sort of. And her still thinking about August often, despite being gone so long. Just really liked reading about Kate. But oh, I'm still very heartbroken over the fact that she made her own monster in book one. And this shadow monster of hers, Alice, is one of the worst creatures there is. Reading about her was pretty horrible. Yet a bit fascinating.

There are a whole bunch of monsters in this one. Some new ones. But also the same old ones. And they are all awful to read about. So much death. It was awesome, lol. I love the monsters in this series. They are scary and awful and so amazing to read about. I love how August is awesome at taking them down. And Kate has gotten better at it too. There is also a new Sunai in this one, and gosh, I loved this person so much. A bit dark, yet so interesting to read about. Felt like this person was written really well, so yay.

One thing that made me a bit sad is that it takes a bit over two hundred pages before August and Kate meet again. And that was just so rude. I wanted to read about them together so badly, and then it took forever for it to happen. But I shall forgive this, because when it finally did happen, they were awesome together. A bit upset with each other for smaller things, but still awesome. And I love these two characters so much. Sniffs. And oh, there is a tiny hint of romance, ahh, but way too little of it. Rude. Still, so perfect.

This book focus a lot on the war between the humans and the monsters. With August leading the human side, and Sloan on the monster side. The monsters are winning. And there have been a lot of death. But August isn't giving up, and I love that about him. I love how he is always fighting. And oh, I love that Kate made him more like the him he was in book one. Still, he's awesome. Though I do wish this book had been a bit more happy too. Aw. It's just full of sadness and death and ahh. Horrible yet amazing to read.

I'm not going to say much more about this book. Words are failing me. I had a few small issues, so I didn't love this one as much as I loved book one, especially with how rude this ending was, but I still loved it a lot. Our Dark Duet was a stunning final book. The monsters were horrifying yet so amazing. August and Kate are so perfect. And the plot was exciting. I'm so glad I read these two books. I also adore Victoria, and cannot wait for all her upcoming books. Eee. You should all read this; as it was a stunning final book.


  1. Oh my gosh. I cannot wait to read this book!! Lovely review!

  2. Glad to hear you loved it, Carina. It's always nice when a series finishes well. Great review! :)

  3. Yes!! Only a duology! Okay, I promise I'll get around to reading this series sometime. >_< And when I do, hopefully I'll come back and read your reviews. If I do ever review these books, and you see it, just link me back to your blog if I've forgotten hahah! Glad that you loved it though!

    Cass @ Words on Paper

  4. I'm literally not reading your review because I still haven't started this, but I am so excited to. Hopefully I'll be able to get to it soon.


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