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Review: Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

This book was everything I wanted it to be and more. Sigh. It was such a stunning sequel. And I'm so, so thrilled that I loved it to pieces. I mean, it shattered my heart. Especially that ending. But I loved it all beyond words. Sigh. This book is a heavy one. And takes ages to read. And yet I wish it had been even longer.

There is so much I wish to say about this book. I'm not going to mention much spoilers at all, just talk about some things that happen. And my love for it all. For all the characters. Oh, how I loved this book. Though my mind seems empty too, because I have no idea how I shall survive two years until the final book.

I love how books by Cassie gets better and better for each new one. This one is her best yet, I think. I loved it so. Her writing is amazing. And I love how she writes all her characters. Just, oh. I'm so in love with this world. And I can't wait to read more books about all of it. I don't know where to begin with this book, though. Because there was so much I loved about it. Some things that broke my heart so, so much and that I'm a little bit angry about. But I will say that this book wasn't nearly as heartbreaking as I feared it would be. It didn't have the drama I feared would be. And I am forever thankful for that. I was so worried about this book. I'm so happy that I was wrong about some things. Sigh. This book broke me, but not in the way I thought it would. I'm happy.

I will admit that I knew some spoilers about this book before I started reading it, because I went looking for them. But yes, there were some things I didn't need to know before, but I'm glad that I peeked at the ending first, because it made me pay closer attention to some things in the beginning of the book. Though I really, really don't suggest checking out the ending in this one. Because it's brutal and sudden and oh god. I'm still dying over it. I wish there had been a few more pages so badly. Sniffs. But amazing ending.

This book is told from a bunch of point of views. And I loved them all. Beyond words. It isn't confusing at all. And reading from all of them made me so happy. Sigh. But my favorites, of course, are Julian and Emma. Julian is my favorite Shadowhunter boy, ever. He loves all of his family more than anything. He does everything for them. He's a bit brutal about it sometimes, but I don't blame him one bit. I simply love Julian more than anything. He is gentle and kind and loving and fiercely in love. Sniffs. I need him happy.

And then there is Emma. Sigh. I do love this girl so so much. She's fierce and brave and perfect. But oh, I was really angry with her in this book for most of the time. I do not get at all how she can keep hurting Julian the way she does. It isn't okay at all. And I'm still angry at her because of it. Hmph. But I still love her too, because she is amazing, and I love reading about her and getting to know her more and ahh. Emma and Julian together is perfection. Best friendship. Yet so so heartbreaking. I ship them the most.

Cristina and Mark and Kieran. These three. Sigh. I always thought that a love triangle would bother me, because I hate them like crazy, but in this case I didn't mind at all. Because there are no bad feelings. Not much jealousy either. Cristina and Mark have grown closer, and I want them together so badly. Yet Mark is still in love with Kieran, and I love that too. Sigh. And they are all drawn to each other, ahh, and gosh. I wouldn't mind if they were all together. Shrugs. Such amazing characters, though. Love them all so much.

And oh, Kit and Ty and Livvy. These three kids kill me with how adorable and clever and amazing they are. I loved that they are a huge part of this book, and that there is point of view from all of them. I need more of Ty, though. Ty and Livvy have the most amazing relationship. They are the cutest twins and I love them like crazy. And oh gosh, I ship Kit and Ty the very most. Their growing friendship gave me the most joy. It's perfect. And there is hints at more, and I'm so excited. Love these three so. The best friendships.

Dru still isn't a huge part of these books. How rude. But she is in this one a lot more. And I adore her like crazy. I dislike that she's so lonely, though. Makes my heart hurt. And gosh, there better not be romance between her and that boy she hid for a moment. I do not approve, lol. I really like reading about Dru. She is young yet all kinds of amazing. There is a bit of Tavvy in this one too, though he is mostly upset and crying. Aw. But I didn't blame him for that one bit. He's still the most adorable little boy, though. I love him.

One thing that I really loved about this book was Diana. I adored her in the first one, and in this one she has a bit bigger part. I loved getting to know about her. Her secrets. Heartbreaking, yet amazing. And oh, she has romance. And it's perfection. And I need more to happen with that. Then there are Magnus and Alec. Eee. They are in this book a lot, almost. Which I loved like crazy. Because they are both amazing characters. Sigh. But I'm worried too. About both of them. But oh, how I really loved reading about them.

The beginning of this book feature a bunch of new characters. Like the Centurions. Those who are better Shadowhunters. Sort of. And oh, how I hated them all, lol. But they were interesting to read about too. But they also ruined so much and I am not pleased about that. Zara was the absolute worst person. And then, Perfect Diego. He is in this book a bit. I must say that I liked him at first, but those feelings left pretty fast. He isn't that perfect at all. Hmph. But I do think he could be a good friend, maybe. Still unsure about him.

There is so, so much happening in this book. I'm not even going to mention a small part of it, lol. Just that I loved everything so much. There is romance. There is a lot of kisses. But not enough, never enough. There is so, so much pain. It killed me. But there is so much adventure and surprises and many exciting moments too. So much happens. They get to visit a bunch of places, and they are attacked often, and oh gosh, how I loved this exciting book. I'm not saying more about the plot. Just, it was perfection. All of it.

With how this book ended, there are so many things that could happen in the next book. Things that were supposed to happen no longer will now. And I can't help but be happy about a few of those things. I need a better, different, solution for the parabatai bond. And a lot of other things too. Oh, I am so curious about what will happen next. I'm sure the third book will be so heartbreaking. And I can't help but admit that I'm looking forward to it. I love the pain of it all. Ahh. But I do need a happy ending. I still have hope for that.

This is a second book that is definitely worth reading. Despite the very long wait for the third and final book. Hmph. And I really do suggest re-reading Lady Midnight first, which I did, because of all the small details. Such stunning books. Sigh. I do recommend reading all the other books by Cassie before reading these, though, so that you will know and love all the characters better first. Anyway. Lord of Shadows was a perfect book. Full of heartbreak and family and chaos. I loved every moment of it. It was the very best.

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  1. Nice to hear you loved this so much, Carina! I haven't picked up something by Cassandra Clare in years but I do remember enjoying her writing. Lovely review! :)


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