Monday, May 4, 2015

Review: Rook by Sharon Cameron

I've been both really excited and really nervous for this book. I have wanted to read it for months. Because it sounds amazing. And that cover is so stunning. Sigh. But I was also worried that I wouldn't like it, as I wanted to like it so much, and I feared I wouldn't. Hmph. But oh. I ended up enjoying this a whole lot.

I found the writing to be awesome. I found the place and time this book is written in to be pretty amazing to read about, and I always wanted to know more about it. I liked how the Red Rook kept stealing prisoners, setting them free. And how this person did that. It was great to read about and oh so interesting too.

There are so many characters in this book. And I liked reading about them all. Expect for Spear. But the others were awesome. I loved that most of the book is from the point of view of Sophia. As I grew to really like her. She's pretty fierce. Just did not like the way she treated and hurt René. Sigh. But other than that she was pretty amazing. And I loved her bother, Tom, too. And Orla. She was awesome. Really loved how much of the book is also told from the point of view of René. Whom I liked best of all. He's just so perfect. And I just wished we had gotten to see much more of him. Sigh. I liked how he talked. How he looked. And all the people he could be. He was so interesting and exciting to read about. But damn it. I really wish the romance had been more. Though yes, it was so sweet a whole bunch of times, but really not enough.

Because yes. There is some romance between Sophia and René in this book. They are, after all, engaged. But there is not much at all. And I hated that. I wanted more romance so badly. Ugh. And I expected there to be much more. Not enough kisses. Started way too late. And never anything other than a kiss. That bothered me too, considering how long this book was, and how much time it took to read. Sigh. Yeah. I really wish there had been more romance. Would have made me love this book more.

But even though there weren't that much romance, I still liked this book a whole lot. I found it to be exciting. And so interesting. And I wanted to know what would happen next all the time. A whole bunch of awful things happen. Lots of death. Some torture, though maybe not enough for me, lol. Yet this book was pretty amazing to read. I liked the plot a whole lot. And I loved the characters, despite being angry with Sophia sometimes. Sigh. But she did get better. Well. Maybe not. Still, I did like her a lot. Mostly.

There was so many reasons for why I liked this book a lot. But then there was that one reason that is giving this book a four star. The romance. How Sophia was always doubting René. How she never apologized for it. Not once. Not even at the end, that big non-believing that she did. René did not deserve that. Another thing that bothered me, was how she never told Spear off. It annoyed me so much. And how just. How there was not enough romance with René at all. It made my heart hurt a lot.

And ugh. That whole Spear thing. He was the character I really hated in this book. And I wished him dead at all times. He have been best friends with Sophia and Tom since they were kids. Sophia loves him as a brother. Yet he loves her in a different way. And he behaves like she is his, so many times, and she never once tells him otherwise. It bothered me so damn much. He was so annoying and not a nice person. It was not a love triangle. But goddamn it how I hated this boy. I wish he hadn't been included.

There are some really bad characters in this book. And we see the point of view of one of them. He wasn't all that bad, I've read worse, yet it was still creepy to read about. He did a whole bunch of awful things to people. Shudders. Though my favorite scenes might have been in the prison cells. Wish there had been more time spent there, lol. I just seem to like the dark scenes the most. Though I did like the mostly dark things in this book very much. It was well written and oh so interesting. And heartbreaking.

I just. I'm still disappointed by the romance. And how badly Sophia treated René. He was so honest and sweet and heartbroken so many times. And she did nothing about it. She just hurt him more. And not believing in him. It hurt my heart so much. Sigh. Yet it wasn't all bad. She did do some good things. And I did like the romance. But yes. I wish it had been so much more. Because René was truly amazing. And I loved reading about him so much. And damn. His family was so huge. And so awesome. I adored them.

There is so much I could say about this book, because it is oh so long. Yet I do wish it had been longer. I also wouldn't mind a sequel, though there doesn't need to be. I found the ending to be good. Though want more romance. Hmph. But yes. I really enjoyed this book. I found Rook to be exciting and fun and so interesting to read. The characters are amazing. Especially René. The world building is pretty great too. I think you should all read this book. Curious to see what everyone will think of it. Do let me know.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one, Carina. For some reason, I thought this was one of those all-hype-no-substance books. But the last few reviews (including yours) have been favourable (thank God!). So I'm excited to read this one again.

  2. So glad you liked "Rook"! I am a huge fan of Camerons novels and "Rook" became a new favorite of mine. I highly recommend her two other novels;-)

  3. I do wish there had been more romance too! Especially because the book was so damn long. It could have been cut by about 100 pages, and there definitely could have been more kissing. >.< And Spear. Ugh. He was super annoying. Glad it wasn't a triangle though.
    Great review, C! I very much agree with all of your points!

  4. Oooooh, so happy to here that you liked this one a whole lot! I've just won a copy on a giveaway, so I cannot wait till it gets here so I can read it! =D
    Great review sweetie, I don't think I'll mind not having all that romance as much!

  5. I'm glad you managed to like this besides not being enough romance! I would have liked more of it too. And I also despised Spear. Ick. He caused so many problems! The end seemed to hint about a sequel, though I agree that it's not needed. Great review!

  6. Rook is a lot of fun to read and I’m a little disappointed it’s a standalone. I’d love to read more about the colorful Hasard family. My only complaint is about one character who I couldn’t seem to sympathize with despite the fact that the story wanted me to.

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