Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyborg Monday

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share with you all that today it is Cyborg Monday :D Which is the most awesome day. It is about The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, whom is amazing. Today we are tweeting with #CyborgMonday to unlock the first chapter of Fairest. <3 Which I am dying to read. There will also be this amazing twitter chat with Marissa Meyer tonight, which I will be getting up at 3am to take part in. <3 So excited. There is also this amazing giveaway, though it is US only. There is also this awesome Fairest fanart contest, which I'm excited to see the winner of. You should all enter these :)

My love for all things Marissa Meyer is huge. Her books are stunning. And she is such an amazing person too. You have all read Cinder, Scarlet & Cress, yess? <3 I'm so excited for Winter next year. And Fairest first. I think they will both be awesome. Then there is Heartless as well, which sounds so amazing. Ack! I cannot wait for all the upcoming books by Marissa :) Anyway. Cyborg Monday is awesome. And you should all join in. And tweet. And join the chat too. Details in the image below. I'm so excited. You can see a gorgeous wallpaper here. <3 Along with all the things you can unlock with tweeting :D Get going.


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  1. Marissa is indeed amazing! And I cannot wait for Fairest and Winter, although to be honest I'm a wee bit more excited about Winter! ;)


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