Saturday, December 20, 2014

In My Mailbox #164

This week went by so fast. Must be because it's December :) I did get a few amazing things this week. <3 But also very little. Things are just missing in the mail. Hmph. But I have hopes for Monday. But I still managed to get some awesome signed books and swag. Eeek! Sharing my instagram photos of those, since they are signed and such. Anyway. This week I did read one book. <3 But I was going to read more. But that didn't happen, because of the hospital trip yesterday to get more medicine. Sigh. It was exhausting. But now it is done. And oh, I really hope I'll start feeling better. But I doubt it, as I have been feeling even more awful this week. Which just sucks. So tired of feeling like crap. Hoping it will get better soon. But anyway. I'm starting I'll Meet You There in a little moment, and I'm really excited about this book. Hoping it is amazing. This week I shared another Cress Tuesday. <3 And I read The Ghosts of Heaven. It was good, but not perfect. I'm waiting on The Wrath and the Dawn this week. <3 And I'm back to waiting on The 100 to come back in January. Hmph. What did you get this week? :D

Everblaze. Let the Sky Fall. Oh. Gorgeous signed books with swag. <3 Ordered these two via Changing Hands, and so happy I did so. Shannon is amazing. <3 And I adore the swag. Swan mirror! Love. And the signed books. Dies. They are stunning. The small drawings are so cute. Thank you so much Shannon. <3
Endgame. Messenger of Fear. Eeek! I won these two gorgeous signed books from HarperCollins International :D Thank you so so much. <3 I'm excited about reading them both. I might have added the signed parts on the wrong sides, lol (A) But still. I love these two. Sigh. Hoping they are awesome :)

Flåklypa Grand Prix. Very awesome old Norwegian movie. <3 It's pretty cute. I must re-watch it soon.
The Cure for Dreaming. Eeek! Thank you so much Cat. <3 Won these. They are stunning. So perfect.
Exodus Movie Tickets. Won these too, hih :) Unsure about this movie. But I will watch it, since I won :D

Dragons. More gorgeous dragons bought. <3 4 mini. And Astrid! She looks gorgeous. Oh, I love these.
Frozen. Eeek! Gorgeous puzzle. <3 I had to buy it, hiih. And one Elsa figure too, which I was missing :)
The Hobbit. And Azog & Legolas. <3 Which were on sale. And they looks awesome. Needed them ;p
Princess Peach. Gorgeous. I don't own this game yet, but doesn't matter. She is all kinds of perfect.

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. Your kitty is such a cutie! I hope she's feeling better!
    Such gorgeous swag, signed books are the best!!
    I hope you enjoy all your goodies!

    And I really hope you will be feeling much better soon dear! *hugs* It's about time!

  2. So many books. I always love when authors signing books. It looks like your cat is guarding the ARC. Great stack of books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

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  4. Oh wow, you had such an awesome haul!! Awwwww what a cute kitty!!!! Happy weekend and happy holidays :)

  5. The signed 'Cure for dreaming' swag is nice :D!

  6. You always have a great haul, C. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  7. endgame looks interesting, hope that you enjoy and have a great holidays.

  8. Yay signed books! I've heard such good things about I'll Meet You There. I wish now I'd requested it!

  9. I love Shannon Messenger's books! Still waiting on LTSF book three... Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  10. Oh, lovely Cure for Dreaming swag!! Hehe, kitty looks like she's been caught doing something naughty! :D


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