Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review: The Rule of Three by Eric Walters

Oh, how I had issues with this book. I really wanted to love it. Though it did take me over a year to finally read my copy. But yeah. I thought this book sounded exciting and a bit different. I was nervous, as I wasn't sure it would be for me, but I hoped. And I'm so disappointed, because I really did not like this book.

I'm not sure how to begin talking about it. And I don't think my review will be all that long, because when I think about this book, I don't have any positive things in my head. I wish I did, but I don't. There was so many things that did not work at all for me. Which is why this book get a one star rating from me.

First there is the writing. I really disliked how it was written. None of it seemed realistic. The characters were so weird when talking together. None of them fit. There is a tiny bit of romance, and the only mention of it is this: they kissed. Seriously. That is so not how you describe a kiss in a book. Ugh. I did not like this writing at all. It annoyed me a bunch of times. Okay, it isn't the worst writing I had read, not even close, but it was bad. Especially with all the other things I disliked in this book. One positive thing: there is only one point of view in this book. Thank god for that. But yeah. I didn't even like the main character. Which is just all kinds of depressing. There was so many things I did not like in this book. Which is just so sad.

Main character is Adam. Whom is sixteen year old. And then the power goes out everywhere, and his mom is a police officer, and he is a pilot, all kinds of young. Hmph. And when things go bad, he seems to know the answers to everything. He gets to be in on all the important meetings. He gets to decide things. Oh, and he has a small weird plane in his garage that works; which he uses. Sigh. I did not like this boy. He was a bit too much, yet not nearly enough. I didn't care for him a single bit. Sad face.

Then there is his best friend, Todd. Whom we see a tiny bit. And all of that made him just seem like an idiot. Disliked reading about him. And we don't get to know anything about Adam or Todd prior to the power thing. Adam also has a crush on this girl, Lori. But why does he have a crush on her? I have no idea at all. We get to know nothing of her. She is a farm girl. She is beautiful. That is all. What does she look like? Don't have a clue. What does she like? No idea. Ugh, how I hated that no details at all thing.

I wish I could say I loved the plot. I was so curious about it, with the whole power thing going away. But it didn't fully go away. Old cars worked. And lots of other things. And I just. I didn't believe in any of it. I didn't like how the people reacted. Or didn't react. None of it seemed realistic. Especially since it was set in our time. None of these people should be that stupid. Seriously. Oh, how this book annoyed me. Everything they did and didn't do. It all bothered me so much. Wish it wasn't so, but it totally was.

There is so much I could say about this book, but I don't want to. I just want to be done talking about it. I thought it would be great. It wasn't. Not at all. Oh, and the old guy, Herb. Ugh. That bothered me too. Just so many silly things. Not real at all. I wanted to quit reading this book so many times, but I did not. Only because it is a Macmillan book, and I adore them, and I really wanted to finish it. I regret reading it, sort of, but yeah. Now I'm done with it, hah. Just so many things about this book bothered me.

Huge thank you to Ksenia at Macmillan Kids for the review copy of The Rule of Three that she sent me over a year ago. <3 I'm so sorry I didn't like it. But yeah. It wasn't for me. Not at all. Now I'm trying to decide if I should read book two as well, since it is a review copy, and I'm to be on the blog tour on the 5th. But I'm not sure. Because I really don't want to. Might try, though. Anyway. I do think some people might love this book :) I'm curious to hear other thoughts on it. Have any of you read this book yet?


  1. I didn't really have any inkling to read this book, so I'm kind of glad to see that I'm not missing much. I hope that it gets better for you, though. Since I know you're part of a blog tour for this series.

  2. oh boy - definitely don't think I would like this one either!
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  3. Oh yikes, sorry this one was such a disappointment, Carina! I know what you mean about Adam, though---I hate when teen characters seem like they have a really unrealistic amount of power and knowledge and experience in everything!

  4. I have never read this book. But I do not know if it's my thing.


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