Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: Unremembered by Jessica Brody

I just heard about this book yesterday, when it arrived in the mail. And I wanted to read it right away. So I did. And I enjoyed this book very much. Found the writing to be very good. And I liked the characters a lot. And the plot is just amazing, really. I even liked the ending. Yeah. This book was pretty amazing :) While I can't find anything I didn't like about it, it's still a four star for me. Because while I loved it a whole lot, there were a few things that could have been better for me. But not much. This book was nearly perfect, and I'm pretty sure a lot of other people will love it as well :) They must. Because it's awesome.

Unremembered is about this girl with purple eyes. She wakes up at a plane crash, where she is the only survivor. But she doesn't remember anything. Like nothing. She doesn't know regular things, like tv and a computer. She's not quite normal. And I found that to be so amazing. She doesn't remember anything about who she is, if she was a passenger on the crashed plane. She doesn't know what happened. And she's very confused, and no one is coming to claim her at the hospital, because no one knows who she is, since she doesn't show up at any DNA tests. Which kind of sucked. But also amazing.

She gets the name Violet, though. And I kind of liked that. I liked this book a lot. I liked learning things with her. Liked that she was confused most of the time. I won't spoil that much about this book. But I should mention a few things ;p While the police is searching for her family, she gets placed in a foster family, as she is only sixteen. And I liked her foster family. I think. They did seem nice enough. And I do suppose that I loved Cody, her thirteen year old foster brother :) He was kind of cool ;p I did like him.

There is a boy in this book. Zen. Who is the love interest. If you have read the summary, then this won't be a spoiler :) He is a boy that shows up where Violet is. Who claims to know her, that they were in love. He also says her name is Sera. Short for Seraphina. Oh. I very much liked Zen. He was amazing. A great love interest. He's kind and sweet. Might seem a bit pushy, but he's only trying to make her remember him :D And I liked that a lot. I liked reading about him. He's also very protective.

The plot in this book is very amazing. It's unique as well. And I liked it a whole lot. It centers around Sera and her memory loss. She and Zen is working on getting her memory back, and finding those who took it. There is a lot of exciting things in this book. Some action. Some funny moments. Lots of sweet moments. I found the romance in this book to be really good. Wish it had been more at times, because that's just who I am ;p But I also thought it was perfect. It was also very sweet and real. Liked it a lot.

I really don't know what to include in this review of mine. I really don't. I don't won't to spoil anything, so I really shouldn't say anything else about the plot :D I liked the plot very much, though. Some things surprised me. But I also enjoyed it. Lots of surprises. I felt like the book might have been too short. I wish it had been longer. But it is a series, thankfully, so there will be more. I cannot wait to read the next book(s). I liked the ending a lot. It's perfect. But it's also kind of a cliffhanger ;p

Unremembered is an amazing book. I'm very glad I read it. And I cannot wait for you to read it as well. The writing is perfect, and the story is amazing, and the characters are really great. There was one thing that kind of annoyed me. A tiny bit. At the ending there is this character called Maxxim, which I liked, kind of. We get to know that Maxxim is a she, a woman. But in every other word she is called a he. That was confusing. But this was only an ARC copy, so I'm sure it will get fixed later on :)

Either way, I enjoyed this book very much. I really did. Cannot wait for the next one. So many things I want to know. I want to know more about Zen. Felt like we didn't get to know him enough. So many unknown things about him. And yeah. I need more of that. I also need to know more about Sera. She was just so interesting. So yes. I loved her. Also need more romance ;p Hih. Anyway. Super excited for the sequel :) Thank you so much to Ksenia/Macmillan for the chance to read and review this book. <3 


  1. Ooh, I am even more excited about reading this now! The plot sounds really good and I'm glad you enjoyed the romance. Great review, Carina! :)

  2. Awesome! I haven't even heard of this yet - sounds amazing! Adding to my tbr list now! :D


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