Saturday, December 15, 2012

In My Mailbox #59

I got more books this week, I think. <3 Ahh. I love them all. Cannot wait to read them :D Especially Falling Kingdoms. This week I read two books. The Archived and The Madman's Daughter. I loved both of them. But I'm still having trouble reading :\ Oh, well. It is good to have some time not reading. And I do have lots of time for reading later on. I cannot wait for Christmas. Just nine days left! <3
What did you get this week?

Falling Kingdoms. I'm reading this book next. Cannot wait to read it! It seems amazing and so good.
Scent of Magic. I might not have loved the first one.. but I'm hoping to love this one :D Seems great.
Let the Right One In. Bought on sale. Did enjoy the movie a lot :D Cannot wait to read it ;p Hih.
The Archived. Ahhhh. My second real ARC <3 I adore it SO MUCH! And the book was really good :)
Gravity. My two paperbacks have arrived. <3 They are gorgeous. Hoping to read this book soon :)
Level 2. SIGNED :D I won it from Lenore. <3 She's amazing. And omg. This book looks so good. Cannot wait to read it :D Also adore the magnet and the postcards. Gorgeous swag. Sigh. <3

Taylor Swift. This perfume is pretty amazing. Smells like many others, but I still love it :)
Madagascar. One two and three on Blu-ray :D I adore. The third one is so amazing. Hih :D
Magazines. A few Robert Pattinson magazines (A) Wanted the posters. Hih. Sucker for pretty pictures.
Cinderella. They shipped me the wrong one. So now I have the right one <3 she looks gorgeous :)
Taffyta. My first one could not sit in her car. So I got a new free one :D She is perfect. Love.
Ponyo. Ah. Another of these Studio Ghibli figures <3 I love. Ponyo is adorable. This is perfect.
Rise of the Guardians. Cards <3 They are so gorgeous. I have two of this one. I love them all.
The Hobbit. This little figure is of Kili :) He looks so good. Hih. Adorable. And cards! They are perfect :)
The Lord of the Rings. Ahhh. Gorgeous ring. I love it so much :) It has a chain too. So pretty. Adore.
Legolas. Sigh. Legolas is my favorite character. This one is adorable. Sad he wasn't in The Hobbit :(

Breaking Dawn wedding Edward. He is not ruined at all, like my first one <3 SO GORGEOUS. Adore.
Harry Potter. I know own four of these :D There are six. They are so amazing. Need them all <3 ;)
The Hobbit. Norwegian movie magazine. Got three for free, but was only two pages of The Hobbit o.O
The Hobbit. I also got a whole bunch of these for free at the cinema.. Heh. Popcorn boxes :) Amazing.
Gilmore Girls. Got this one on sale :D Used to love this series. Looks amazing. Can't wait to rewatch :)
Merry Xmas. New Christmas CD ;) It looks pretty awesome. I hope the songs are good, though.
Liesl & Po. I adored this book so, so much. I'm so happy with this paperback. It is beyond gorgeous.
Kick-Ass. Haven't watched this one yet, but lots of people love it :) Hope it's good, it looks great ;p
Greta and the Goblin King bookmark. Got from the author <3 It is gorgeous. I love it so much :)
The Hobbit - Gandalf. I must admit I'm not sure what this is. Some kind of bookmark magnet? I think. Maybe. But anyway. It is so gorgeous. And I love it a lot. Got it from my sister :)
Spirited Away! This one is so great. So gorgeous. And ahhh. I love it so much <3 Better picture below :D

I also got so many ebooks this week. Well, okay, just 5 but still :D I love them. 
Just read The Madman's Daughter, and hoping to read the rest of these books soon. 
They seem so good. Thank you so, so much to Edelweiss for accepting me. <3 Picture below :)

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  1. Eeep, you got Level 2! Can't wait to read that. :D Recently read (and loved!) Scent of Magic and Falling Kingdoms. Hope you enjoy them!

  2. Your hauls are always so fantastic!!!! Fangirl Heaven!! Can't wait to read Falling Kindoms!

  3. WOAH, WOAH, WOAH @_@ These book haul's keep getting more AWESOME by the week! like OMG The Achieved, Falling Kingdoms and a SIGNED level 2 ARC...*book coma* I so nned that T.Swift perfume! and then came the eBooks: Revolution 19, Prophecy, and Through the ever Night!

    -Rocking IMM Carina =D
    Lisseth @ Read-A-holicZ [My StS]

  4. AH! So many fantastic books... and movies! I'm a huge fan of Gilmore Girls as well, and I actually used to have yearly re-watches with my grandma... And I have the Taylor Swift perfume as well! AND OH MY GOSH REQUIEM. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it..... AHHH!

    My StS

  5. Hi,

    Where did you get Scent of Magic from? Book Depo? :)

  6. Gravity looks so pretty there! I'm still in love with that cover. If you get around to it, I look forward to seeing what you think. :) Level 2 is am a little worried about because it sounds like there will be a love triangle. Hopefully I am wrong! I can't wait to see what you think. :)

  7. The Archived is going to be one of the next books I read. and OMG. The Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. I'm currently re-watching both shows and I'd LOVE to have the seasons on dvd! Enjoy! :)

  8. SO JEALOUS that so many people get to read Requiem now! Hope you enjoy it! Through The Ever Night is amazing. And I can't wait to read Gravity :D

    My IMM

  9. OOOHHH, so many awesome things this week. I got Gravity on my Kindle and can't wait to start it. Loved Falling Kingdoms and can't wait for book 2 in the series. Scent of Magic will be awesome, I will be reading it next week. Happy Reading!

    Katie ~ My Mailbox

  10. The Archived --> sooo jealouss. You and your epic hauls. You go with your bad self, haha.

    Happy reading :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  11. What a haul! So many great items and books this week! You always amaze me with what you get. :)

  12. The Archived looks so awesome! Enjoy everything, sweets!

  13. You got so much amazing stuff! Dying to read Requiem, Gravity, Archived---and very glad to hear you loved that one!

  14. Awesome week Carina. So many great books that I can't wait to read myself. ENJOY!

  15. A lot of awesome goodies as always. I just finished Scent Of Magic and it's even bigger page-turner than the first one. I hope you enjoy it. Also can't wait to read Falling Kingdoms and Archived and Revolution 19. A lot of awesome books! Happy reading!
    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams
    My book haul...

  16. Aaah, SO MUCH AWESOME! I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed The Madman's Daughter so much, not to mention The Archived, and I can already tell you than TtEN is FANTASTIC and Level 2 is very impressive as well. Happy Reading, Carina! :)


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