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Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I have had this book for many months. But because I'm a coward I didn't read it until now. I was still afraid, though. With good reason. This book is heartbreaking. It's so sad. But only very near the ending. And it's so damn good that you cannot not love it. The Fault in Our Stars is a book about love. And it's perfect. It's also a book about cancer and living with it. Which is all kinds of awful. But it's also a happy book with lots of young love and happiness and it's all just so good and I never wanted it to end. But it did. So heartbreakingly good and gut wrenching.

This is the story of Hazel. A sixteen year old girl with cancer. I won't try to explain her sickness, because I would most likely suck at it. But know that it is awful, so awful. But it's also so perfect and so well written and I loved it a lot. It sort of gave life to the character, even if the cancer is slowly killing her. It's so interesting to read about. She has to have this oxygen tank on at all times, and while that sort of disturbed me a bit, I also loved it. It's unique, and it just made me love her a lot more.

There is a lot of pain in my heart from reading this book. A lot of pain. First there is pain for Hazel. She seems so sad all the time. And I totally get that. But she's also pretty happy, and I loved that. But she does everything for her parents, and that was sad. But I understand it so well. I actually loved her parents. They love her so much. And it's just so awful for them as well. Her dad is crying all the time. But he's also so caring and kind and I just adored him. Same with her mom. They were awesome.

This is also a book about Augustus. Hazel meets him at this cancer kid support group. He's deadly handsome. And just so amazing. Most likely my favorite character. It's just impossible not to love him. He's perfect. Gorgeous, kind, funny. Everything you want in a boy. He's also a great friend, perfect boyfriend. Another I loved in this book was Isaac, he's best friend. He's adorable. He also gets his heart broken. It was awful. But also so amazing. He was just really fun to read about. And I enjoyed that a lot.

There is a lot of sick kids in this book. But it isn't all about sickness. But those sick people we do get to know.. it's, well, heartbreaking. I don't have another word for it. There is just so much pain. But it's so good and I couldn't get enough of it all. I loved reading about Isaac's cancer. And Hazel's. And mostly Augustus's. It was just so bad. But so perfect. And I have no words for how good this book was. I'm doing my best to describe it, but I'm pretty sure I'm failing. I need a sequel to this book. Truly.

The plot in this book is amazing. Hazel is such an amazing girl. She loves this book that she's read so many times. She gets Gus to read it, and he falls in love with it as well. And I loved that so much. It was adorable. She has tried so many times to get in contact with the author of that book. And it's kind of amazing. There is even a trip to Amsterdam. Best trip ever. But also most sad one. I hated that author. Really hated him. But it was so good to read about. And it was done so well and I loved it lots.

The romance in this book is so great. It's sweet and amazing and just so perfect. I loved it so much. First there isn't much, I mean, there is flirting from the beginning which was awesome. But Hazel is trying to keep Gus from being hurt if she dies. But she gets over that. And then everything gets so much better. And it's all so good. And the romance is so sweet and I just wanted more and more. But we also got so much, and I will always cherish it. Swooning a bit right now, just thinking about it.

I'm not sure what else to say about this plot. It's so good. So much amazing things happens. So much heartbreak and painful and awful things. And it is all so good. And I just loved every part of this book. I know I will re-read The Fault in Our Stars so many times. It is a book that must be read and loved a whole bunch of times. You need to read it. Seriously. This is not a book to be missed. While it is full of heartbreak, it is also so good and happy and sweet and it all makes so much sense at the end. Well, okay, I still hated that thing at the end. But it's so good that you can't really dislike it too much.

There is this tiny thing that I will spoil. I will not spoil how this book ends. What it ends with. How it happens. But I will say that something happens. And ah. It's awful. But anyway. I kind of new it before starting this book, so I'm hoping that you do too. I was sure there would be a death in this book. And there is. And it's awful. But it also surprised me a whole lot. And it was even worse than I had thought. And it's so unfair. But it also beyond perfect and I just can't decide how to feel about it. I want a sequel to this book. I really do. But there should not be one. I just need to know what happens to this one character. I also want deleted scenes. Many of those. Pretty please. <3

Once you start reading this book you cannot stop. I had been planning on just reading a little bit of it today. I didn't know it would be so addictive. But it was. And I had to finish it right away. So glad that I did. This book is just perfection. The writing is amazing. The characters are perfect, well, flawed, but still so perfect and so well written. There wasn't a single thing to hate in this book. Okay. That isn't really true. There was this thing happening at the end. So heartbreaking and unfair. So much sobbing.

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01/05/13 UPDATE: I have written a book recommendation for this book. Read it here. With teasers and some fan art from other people. I had to re-read it after just a few weeks :)


  1. I might just have to put this book on hold at the library! I'm not a huge fan of the author, I mean I like him but theres something about his style that rubs me the wrong way I guess and I can't seem to work up the nerve to buy his books. Great review!
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  2. I hadn't heard of this book until the recent Goodreads awards, so I'm glad to find such a great review. As a parent, I struggle with books like this, but it sounds like it's really well handled. I will put it on my "to read one day when I'm feeling strong" list!

  3. I have been wanting to read this one for a while. I won it two months ago and it is on my shelf waiting for me to crack it open. It sounds fabulous- but very sad. I hope to read it over the week of Christmas. Thanks for the excellent review!

  4. Great review! I stumbled across your post @ Pure Imagination's Saturday Situation link-up and, since this was one of my favourite books of 2012, I had to check it out. Have you read any of John Green's other books? His other books aren't quite as heart-wrenching as this one (or at least not on the same heart-breaking scale) but they're all really, really good.

  5. Enjoyed your review! I've had this in my TBR pile for several months too, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I know it will probably make me cry and I'll need to be in the right frame of mind for it. Just not ready yet I guess... I'll work up the nerve one of these days! Promise!

    My Saturday Situation

  6. Ah, I've heard only good things about this book. Maybe I just need to stop putting it off and buy it finally.

  7. YES! I'm so glad you loved this! It completely blew me away and I desperately need to read all of Green's other novels now. I've only read this and LfA, which I wasn't overly impressed by, unfortunately. Seriously, though, I cried SO much when I read this and...Augustus! Where can I find one? ;) Wonderful review, Carina! :)

    ~Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

  8. This is one of the most emotional and intense books I've read last year:)


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