Saturday, December 8, 2012

In My Mailbox #58

I might have gotten a lot this week too. Maybe not that many books, but I do love those that I did got. <3 Still waiting on lots, though. Hih. I got the last of my Disney Store packages. Sort of. Still waiting on 2 more things; but will share those then ;p I apologize in advance for the crappy pictures of the Disney things. I don't have much room in my room at the moment, but I will once I get my apartment built, so my things will be getting lots more room :) So yeah. The pictures aren't that great, since I didn't feel like moving all of them to a better place to take the pictures, bc that would have taken forever. Even just these pictures took forever to take. But I am mostly happy with them, and I did want to share all the things I got :) So be aware that this post is long. First bookish things & such, then Disney Store ;) PSST! If you want to know all the other Disney things I have, you should check out Florida & London post.
What did you get this week?

My Neighbor Totoro. I love this picture book. It is adorable. Need one for every Ghibli movie (A)
Ask the Passengers. Won this from Shari :D It does seem pretty good ;p Very pretty cover as well.
Greta and the Goblin King. I do think this book will be pretty good. I like the cover ;) Reading it soon.
Under the Never Sky. Sigh. I did adore this book. And I do love this new paperback edition very much!
Totoro. Ahhh. Another Studio Ghibli figure <3 Too much love. They are all so so so gorgeous. Adore.
Ponyo. I adore this one. It wasn't so big, but it's still so pretty :D It's Ponyo! And yeah. She's adorable.
Solid Series bookmarks. Got these from the author :D And yeah. They are pretty gorgeous ;)
Possess/Ten signed bookmark. Pretty sure I got from The Army of Ten :D I love love love love. 
Auracle Prize Pack. Omg. This is the best prize pack. So glad that I won it. Sigh. It is gorgeous! Have not read the book yet, but Auracle does sound amazing :D And ahhh. All the swag is amazing. So pretty.

John Carter. Heeh. I have not yet seen this movie. Not sure if it's good. But it was on sale ;p
Happy Feet 2. I do own the Blu-Ray, but since I loved the movie I needed the DVD too. <3 On sale.
Supernatural Season 1. I remember watching some Supernatural years ago. Excited to start again :D
NausicaƤ. Since I loved this movie so so so much, I needed it on DVD as well. <3 Blu-ray is stunning.
Brave. Norwegian editions. Since I need to have every edition of a movie I love. Heh. Pretty ;)
Pixar Shortfilms 2. I wanted this one. Hope it's awesome. It is pretty, though :D And I adore Pixar.
Legend of The Guardians. This seems like a cute movie. Bought on sale. Hoping it's amazing :D

iPhone 5 cover. My god. My Tarzan. Miss him so, so, so much :'( Oh, he was so gorgeous. Loved him.
Cast Away. I do remember enjoying this movie very much. Was cheap, so I needed the blu-ray :D
Picture below is of my signed copy of Auracle :D I adore. So pretty. Sigh. Reading soon, I hope :)
ALMOST FORGOT! I also got accepted to read TAKEN via Edelweiss. <3 So excited to read that book.
And I got The Prey via the publisher on ebook, which I alread have read and loved. <3 

Disney Store items. Heh. Yeah. These are my Disney Store items. I LOVE THEM ALL! So much.

Brave plush :D Mama bear. And two of the cubs; have the third one from before. <3 And ahhh. Brave blanket + plush + pillow :D It is so pretty. And so soft. I adore them all. Brave was amazing.

Lots'o Huggin Bear! GORGEOUS! Big one. I have the medium one, and the small one, and now this large one. There is an extra large one as well, though (A) I want. Beast! He is gorgeous, isn't he? I adore him. Flynn Rider! Since I had Rapunzel wedding and the small normal one I really needed Flynn. Even though he doesn't look that good :p But I still adore him :) And the three mouses from Cinderella :D I adore them. They fit really well with my Lucifer ;) lol. So adorable.

Wreck-It Ralph plush and talking action figure. Ralph is adorable. I am so sad that I won't get to see this movie for months :( I mean, I could download a crappy camera version online, but I want to see it in HD/Blu-Ray quality. I hate living at the top of Norway. So unfair. Anyway! These are adorable :D And talking Ralph is so cool ;) Talking Vanellope and Taffyta talking dolls. These are beyond adorable. They talk so pretty. And they are so adorable to hold. I love them so much. <3 And plushes! Taffyta and Adorabeezle is so gorgeous. They smell so nice! Really want the rest of the set as well. Fix it Felix and Vanellope plush. These are adorable as well ;) No smell, but still so pretty :)

Prince Eric. I adore him. So pretty ;) Tinkerbell. Didn't own a barbie of her, so I needed one ;) She is adorable. Li Shang. Ah. He is very pretty as well. I kind of need all the male Disney dolls (A) Want.

Cinderella. Beauty and the Beast. Sleeping Beauty. Figure sets. These are all perfect. LUCIFER! <3

Wreck-It Ralph. So sorry for this crappy picture :p But I will take better in some months. lol :) But anyway. I do adore these all so much! Three different figure sets. <3 They are perfect. Gorgeous. Love.

The Nightmare Before Christmas. Crappy picture again. Sorry :D But anyway. Gorgeous figure set! I also have another one, but didn't take a picture of them (A) They are so pretty, though. I love them all.

Ornaments. Ursula. Bear Cubs. Merida. Tangled Ever After. Frankenweenie. Tangled. Jack. Cinderella. Minnie Mouse. These are all so perfect. I love them so much. Sigh. Gorgeous. <3

Wreck-It Ralph Cars. These are all perfect! I own 8 of 12. I need the last four. Need need. Gorgeous.

Brave and Wreck-It Ralph tote bags. Yeah. Will never ever use these. But they are so so pretty to look at. <3 I love them all very much :) And some of the tags for the ornaments as well ;p

The Nightmare Before Christmas goblet. I adore this one so damn much. It's gorgeous. Two different faces as well ;) Brave cups. There are adorable, just saying ;) Little Mermaid bowl. Adorable. Lots'o cup. Adore adore adore. Pascal cup. Perfect! <3 Brave mugs. Small and big. So gorgeous. I love. And Brave bear cup :D Ahh. I adore all of these so much, just so you know :)

Brave journal. I love this one. Ursula journal. Love this one so much as well :D Brave Vinylmation. I own one of these already (A) but it was only $15 - 25% so yeah, I needed another one ;p Wreck-It Ralph scented erasers. They smell pretty good :D Villain plush. Kind of adorable ;) Villains cards. These are so gorgeous. Some stickers as well. I love them. 

Cinderella. Tangled. Another crappy picture (A) Heh. Anyway. Cinderella doll set ;) They are so pretty, all of them. Tangled dolls. These too are so amazing. I love all of my Disney barbie dolls.

Ursula. Queen of Hearts. Yeah. These might be most important to me. Maybe. They are simply stunning. Haven't taken them out yet, not until I have more space. But they look PERFECT! Truly.

Brave T-Shirt. Unsure if I will use this one. Don't want to ruin it at all. It is perfect. Really, truly, perfect.

Merida. Yeah. Not a perfect picture. But PERFECT talking Merida doll. She's pretty big as well, which is even better. She looks so good and sounds so good. I adore her so much.

Tangled. Heh. Sorry for the picture :D But anyway. Singing Rapunzel. <3 She's perfect. Amazing.

Brave Limited Edition Merida and Elinor. These two are PERFECT. Adore them so much.

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  1. Wow awesome stuff! I'm jealous of all your swag. Plus, I loved Brave so much! Everything you got is just so pretty! I need to see Wreck It Ralph; I hadn't had a chance to see it when it was out in theaters :( Happy reading and enjoy all your cool stuff!

  2. I got Under The Never Sky this week too!

  3. AWWW! I so LOVE the Disney toys & accessories & the dolls, and journals! *Big kid at heart* SO going to get my sister that brave Plush with the mama bear =D Now on to books: I LOVED Greata and the Goblin King. I also read Auracle and :O that book made my blood pressure go up! IT WAS AWESOME! Still haven't read Under the Never Sky but the paperback looks good, so i might ;)

    -Keep on rocking Carina!
    Lisseth @ Read-A-holicZ [My StS]

  4. -Under the never sky & Auracle are two books I really want to read :)
    -John Carter is pretty good! I LOVE Legend of the Guardians! It's so pretty <3 I hope hope hope that I get Brave under the Christmas tree. And I still need to read Happy Feet 2.
    -THE BEAST, love it!
    -I ADORE the figure set <3 Cinderella, Belle, *swoon*
    -Brave journal <3

    Ahh, your mailboxes always make me smile!


  5. I read Ask The Passengers a few months ago and I loved it!!, I hope you do to. Enjoy everything you got this week :)

    My IMM

  6. Oh my god!! This is Christmas edition!! :) So many toyssss!! I like them all :) :) So happy for you sweetie <3 <3

  7. Wow there, that is one serious collection of dolls you got! I barely know where to start in expressing my wonder of it all. ;) I love all the Brave characters though, especially Flynn Rider ! <3 Fantastic haul, Carina! Auracle and Ask the Passengers both sound amazing, too. Enjoy!

  8. Wow, what an awesome mailbox this week. You got a lot of great stuff. Books - I really want Under the Never Sky and Greta and the Goblin King. Happy Reading!

    Katie ~ My Mailbox

  9. Oh wow! That is some hefty collection of Disney items there! I wouldn't know where to put them all. ;) I don't think I'm as keen on Disney these days as I was with the older creations... Anyway, impressive haul! I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Ask the Passengers and Auracle. I've heard good things about both. :)

    1. Heeeh <3 Neither do I (A) Have no more room.. lol :D Thank you :)

  10. I can't even handle all the Disney stuff you got. Especially LOTS'O HUGGIN BEAR!!! Ugh, Toy Story is my absolute fave, and has been since the very first one came out. We named my dog Rex based on Toy Story. Love!

    And I need to get to reading Under the Never Sky.

    Mind checking out my IMM?


  11. WOW those collectibles look awesome!!! :) I love DISNEY movies so much!!!! :)

    Here's my IMM:

  12. The best IMMB ever.
    I have just seen Brave and it is wonderful.
    I am happy that you are Supernatural too :) .

  13. Haha! My daughter is envious of your toys haul. :) Love the signed Auracle!

    Have a great week, Carina. :)

  14. You have such amazing toys! I can't get over them! WOW! So much fun to look at! You also got some great books this week. I have been wanting to read Under the Never Sky. I hope you enjoy it! The Brave t-shirt is awesome! Also- I love Castaway. :)

  15. Wow, that's quite a set of toys! Ask the Passengers is AS King's new book right? I need to read it.
    My Bookish Recap

  16. ASk the Passengers, Auracle, and Under the Never Sky have all been on my TBR list! I can't wait to read them!
    Check out my IMM!

  17. I've wanted to read Auracle for a while now. The cover is absolutely gorgeous. :)

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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