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Review: The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd

I must admit that I had never given this book a second glance until I saw it on Edelweiss. I then read the summary, and I thought it sounded amazing. So I requested it. And I got accepted! I knew I had to read it right away. And today I finally started it. Could not stop reading. Every word was perfect. The writing is stunning in this book. The characters are amazing. The plot is perfect. There is so much happening in The Madman's Daughter. And I loved it all. Well, almost everything. But even so. This book was perfect, and I'm super excited to read it again and again. A book that must be read again.

I'm not sure how to write this review of mine. Hoping the words will just flow out of me. We'll see. The Madman's Daughter was perfect. It starts really good as well, which doesn't always happen with books these days. The main character is Juliet, a sixteen year old girl. She used to be rich, but then this scandal with her dad happened. He has now been gone for six years, her mom is dead, Juliet lives at this poor house with 20 other girls. She works as a cleaning maid at the college, where this professor is always trying to sexually assault her. I did like the other cleaning women, though :)

Juliet isn't happy. Not really. She has one friend, Lucy, who I actually really liked. She was a true friend, and really sweet. Then there was that goddamn awful professor. He's just there in the early beginning, but I hated him. He doesn't assault her, not really, but it's still kind of awful to read about. But I did love what Juliet did to him. She's fierce. And strong. And all kinds of amazing. A bit mad as well. Just perfect. She does something awful, so awful that she loses her job and have to leave town.

That's where Montgomery comes in. Juliet ends up finding out that her father is alive; but he hasn't contacted her at all these past six years. He lives out in this remote Island, which takes many many weeks to get to by boat. Won't say how, but she ends up meeting Montgomery and his friend Balthasar. Montgomery was her childhood best friend. He was their servant, and he disappeared when her father did. She only has fond memories of him, though, and I'm glad for that. Very, very happy about that.

Montgomery is two years older than Juliet, and he isn't as she remember from when they were kids. He's taller and broader, more muscles. And deadly handsome. I loved reading about how she reacted to him. It wasn't overdone. Even if he is so handsome and amazing. It is written very well, and I loved that. I could see why Juliet was attracted to him. But she also cares for him, as a friend, even if she hasn't seen him in six years. And yeah. He is my favorite character in this book. Swoons. He's amazing.

This is where the plot starts. Montgomery is still working for her father, has been for all the years, over at the Island. Juliet decides to go back there with him. It is a long boat ride. I hate long trips. Hih. But it was awesome to read about. And I loved the slow romance between Juliet and Montgomery. Even if nothing happened. Damn it. And then, of course, we were introduced to the love triangle. This new dude showed up from the water, half dead. Edward. I disliked him a lot. Might have liked him a tiny bit.

I know that some people might end up adoring him. Maybe. But I starting loving Montgomery. And I'm sticking with him. It might be a bit of insta-love, but not for Juliet. Edward seemed to be falling in love with her right away. Was a bit weird. And while I normally hate love triangles more than anything, it wasn't that bad in this book. I will be spoiling a few things. But it has nothing to do with the plot, not really, so you should read what I say next, if you want to know important bits about the romance :)

It is a love triangle. Somewhat. Juliet really likes Montgomery. And he likes her as well. But then Edward showed up. And he likes her as well. She's attracted to him, and she wants him. Kind of. They end up kissing. But he kisses her, and she pushes him away. Liked that a lot. Except for what happened after. He held her close while they slept. She didn't mind. Then she spied on him naked in a waterfall. I did not approve. Because Montgomery wasn't first with the kissing, or the naked part :\ Ugh. Did not like.

But it wasn't really that bad. Well.. okay, maybe. Still giving this book a five star. Because I did feel that Juliet was certain about who she wanted. Who she loved. Even if she was attracted to someone else as well. But it is also resolved by the ending. Hopefully. It better be. It seemed like it, thank god :) So enough about that. The plot in this book is perfect. Truly perfect. Creepy and scary. Horrifying and exciting. I loved every part of the plot in this book. Even wished it had been more awful. Hih.

I won't say that much about it. But I must mention this one thing. Juliet ends up at the Island, where she meets her father. Who truly is a madman. But I sort of liked him. He created some amazing things, even if it was cruel and heatless. I won't say what he creates, but it's amazing. And horrifying. But also so extremely perfect. I loved it so much. And it has such a huge part of this book, which I adored. I also liked getting to read about her dad. He was just so cold and kind of amazing. He's a great villain.

We also get to know so many other amazing characters in this book. Some scary ones. But I might have loved them all, and I felt so extremely sorry for most of them. Sniffs. But it was also so perfect. Balthasar is amazing. So kind and sweet. Adored him. I also adored Alice. She was nice and sweet and so adorable. And.. yeah.. Montgomery. He's perfect. Kind, sweet, protective. I loved him a lot. Wished there had been so much more of him, though. But he was so perfect in every moment. Adored him.

There is so much happening in The Madman's Daughter. I loved it all. Great action. Amazing romance. Perfect characters. The best story. Everything was just so good. But the ending.. The ending was cruel. And heartbreaking and a cliffhanger. I'm nervous about the sequel.. it must be good! Ahh. There mustn't be more heartbreak. Do not know how I will survive waiting thirteen months for the next one. Need it right away! Also cannot wait to get my hardcover of this perfect book. Will be so pretty.

I cannot bring myself to give this book a four star, even if I did have a few issues with the triangle thing. And the heartbreaking ending. I just loved it too much. The writing. The characters. The world. Every single thing. The Madman's Daughter is a book that you must read. It has it all. And it is perfect. You really need to read it. Thank you so much to Balzer + Bray and Edelweiss for accepting me to read and review this book. <3


  1. Darn. A love triangle? I wasn't expecting that, though I know how you generally feel about triangles, so I trust you when you say it wasn't so bad. The rest sounds fantastic though (minus the cliffhanger!) and I can't wait to read it in a few weeks. Brilliant review, Carina! :)

    1. Yeah. Well, it is still so so so amazing :D And I refuse to let the small triangle bother me. I refuse to. Hih (A) <3 I think you'll love this book; I hope you will :) Thank you. <3

  2. UGH I hate love triangles - but I have been excited for this book for TOO LONG. I'm glad you liked it overall (5 stars! Nice!). Great review! Despite the love triangle, I will read this book ASAP :)


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