Saturday, September 30, 2023

In My Mailbox #621

Gods. This week. Sigh. I got my new iPhone 15 pro max, which I very much love. <3 I got a whole lot of books this week which I also very much love, haha :) But I have been so exhausted this week. Sigh. So much stress because of my pokemon go. First that spoofing cheater who has been a jerk for months now. And then my home gym was suddenly gone a few days ago. Yeah. I'm heartbroken. It makes everything harder now. Sigh. I am not pleased. So, yeah. A little too much stress for me. And today I took down my spa bath as well. Aw. Sobs. Had some great baths, though. <3 But yeah. Now it is down for six months, until April. How rude. So anyway. I hurt all over these days. But I'm doing okay :) I haven't read anything yet, but will be starting Champion of Fate next, and I can't wait for that. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Familiar :D I'm hoping to start reading tomorrow. Fingers crossed for me :) Hope you are all doing well. <3

Fall of the School for Good and Evil. Finally got to buy myself my regular hardcover of this book too, ha.
A Study in Drowning. Waterstones exclusive and regular US hardcover :) I'm hoping to love this one a lot.
Impossible Creatures. Yeah. I bought this because it was exclusive and looked gorgeous. Sounds great :)
Champion of Fate. At last, my hardcover is here, haha :D I'm very excited to read this one next, yess. <3
Anna Dressed in Blood. Yesss. New paperback edition, and it is gorgeous. I loved this book so so much.
Hide. Graphic novel version, ha :D I did not love the regular book, ack, but had to own this one even so :)
Bee Bakshi and the Gingerbread Sisters. I'm so excited for this one :D The cover looks so very stunning.
Lore. Realized I was missing this US paperback edition, ack, so now I finally own it, eee. Loved this book.
Our Dark Duet. Special edition of book two is out, eee. These editions are so pretty. Loved this duology.
Silver in the Bone Fairyloot Swag. Eee! Thank you to two lovely people for helping me get this swag. <3
Barbie Ken doll. I had to buy this one from amazon, haha :D Waiting on Barbie; hopefully arriving soon.
Animal Crossing. A bunch of 2024 stuff, haha :) I love the wall calendar and the daily one is the very best.
Stranger Things + Pikmin 1+2 + Pokemon. Small merch :D Love the game remake. New trading cards :)
iPhone 15 Pro Max. Eeee! My precious is here. Sigh. I had to buy this new phone. Oops. And I love it :)

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