Saturday, September 23, 2023

In My Mailbox #620

Ohh. This week have been good and bad. I'm so exhausted. I haven't been sleeping that well. Hoping it gets better soon. Sigh. Been having some stress from a pokemon go cheater who keeps ruining for me, and it is driving me insane. I have reported him, several times, so I just hope he gets banned. Ugh. But yeah. It's stressful and I do not like it. I have also been waiting on updates about my ordered iPhone 15 pro max, since it was delayed. But it got shipped yesterday, eee, so should be here monday or tuesday. I'm too excited. <3 And was waiting for my america package too. And that has arrived :) I got way way too much mail this week. But I love it all so much, eee. Waiting on a bit more, though, oops. Next week I will get a bunch of books, two that I'm planning on reading next. So I am hoping to read this coming week :D Fingers crossed. So yeah. I'm fully exhausted. But my week has been good too. So I'm doing my best :) This week I'm waiting on The Lost Ones :) Hope you're all doing well. <3 Have you gotten autumn yet? :D

Once Upon a Time in the North. Of course I had to get this illustrated version, ha. Loved this short story :)
Fall of Ruin and Wrath. I confess. I only bought this Waterstones excl. because everyone else did, ha :D
Queen of Air and Darkness. New special edition :D Finally have all three in these versions. It's huge, ack.
The School for Good and Evil. Collector's edition :D Eee! Isn't it just gorgeous? Excited for the bonus. <3
The Nightmare Before Christmas. I bought this since I like the author, ha :) Reading this one day, though.
Animal Crossing graphic novel. Number five is here :D I haven't read these, ha, but owning them all still.
Silver in the Bone AUS ARC. EEE! Thank you so much for trading me this, precious. I own all of them :D
Funko Europe. Oops. More pop figures, haha. Of course ;) I love my Aragorn. And some adorable spooky cuteness. Still not getting my mystery mini Max. Sigh. Next time, ha. Bought Pikachu from Norway; love :)

Package from Becky. <3 EEE! Biggest thank you to my precious US friend, Becky, for helping me get all of this to Norway, ahh. <3 You are the very best. All the hugs :) She also helped me get a perfume and some gum for my mom, which means the most. <3 Some things are just not possible to get to Norway at all. Ugh. So it means everything to me that I have some friends in the US who are willing and able to help me :) Feeling so very grateful. <3 Anyway. Time to share about what I got, haha :D I got all of the books, ahh. First, B&N exclusive editions :) Foxglove King. Silver in the Bone. EEE. House of Roots and Ruin. Excited for them all. <3 And ahh! My personalized copies of A Crown of Ivy and Glass and Extasia :D I love them so much. <3 Claire is the best. And my personalized copy of Fall of the School for Good and Evil :D Eee. I love it. And had an ARC trade for The Forbidden Wish; so excited to finally own it. <3 Also Fall of the School for Good and Evil pre-order pin :D Eee! Thank you Becky for helping me get this. <3 I love it so. And a bunch of CDs :D I had to get them all, haha. Finally have Taylor Swift Speak Now. <3 So gorgeous. And then there was a whole lot of EOS lip balms, ha :D I love them the most. Sucks that they stopped selling in Norway. Best lip balm. <3 Anyway :D I got so much! AHH :D Just. Thank you so much love. <3 (I bought everything myself, of course, and paid for the big amount of shipping, ack, but Becky helped me and shipped to me and it means the most to me. <3) Sigh. Fully love my new books :D Eee.

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