Saturday, September 9, 2023

In My Mailbox #618

Time is moving so fast this fall. How rude, haha. But I am also excited about it, as Christmas is coming closer :D Yesss. This week I did get a bunch more mail, oops. Too many pop figures. Sigh. Waiting on some amazing books and I cannot wait to get them. <3 Though might still take a few weeks to arrive. I'm impatient, haha. I have been walking daily this week, had such a long walking break, but we have finally started again so hoping it sticks this time, haha. I had planned on taking a reading break, but I ended up reading a book this week too. Which was also just a two star. Uuugh. My next read better be amazing, ha. It isn't actually fall yet here, at least it doesn't feel like it. Had some more warm days, which is very nice :) Though it will get colder next week. Brrr. Hoping snow is ages away, though, haha :) This week I shared my review of It Found Us :) And I'm waiting on Impossible Creatures :D I hope you are all doing well. <3

Her Radiant Curse. I'm excited for this one :D Love the Waterstones exclusive. Hoping to love this book.
Fourth Wing. I realized I had ordered the wrong edition, so now got the US one, returning the other, ha :)
Together We Rot. Okay. So. I read an eARC of this. A three star; did not love it. But needed this cover :)
Lore. Eee! Dutch special edition :D And pre-order bonus, ahh. I love it so. Thank you Sanne for selling.
Funko Europe. Yeah. This is actually three orders that arrived this week, ha. Ohhh. I had to order three times. Oops. As I had to have all of these. First was skating Barbie and Ken; and I adore them. Then I needed to get the Hocus Pocus witches, and I love them too. Wait, maybe it was the other way around. Oh, well. Then there was the One Piece specials. Which, uhm. I might have bought just because people are going crazy about them? Hahaha. Oops. But I love them too; now have both Luffy boats :D They are adorable. And I do like that other boat too, ha. Big Momma was a bit too big. Gosh. But I like her. Almost done watching the new Netflix version of One Piece, and oh, I love it so :) And so I don't regret these pop figures, ha. Anyway. A whole bunch of other things too, though. Oops. More mystery mini. Still not gotten Max. Sigh. But I finally did get that damn Harry Potter cat, at last, ha :) Need a break from buying, though.

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