Saturday, January 21, 2023

Review: The Last to Vanish by Megan Miranda

It will not be easy to find the words to write about this book. Will start by saying that I had high hopes for it, as I have very much enjoyed books by Megan Miranda before, having read all but one of her books. But I did not love her latest one. And this one was sadly the same. I so wanted to love it. But it was just impossible.

I have ended up with giving this book two stars. I thought about three. But it was honestly not worthy of that. The mystery was excellent, but it was too little. Pretty much this entire book was boring. And nothing happened. I kept waiting for it to be exciting. It never really happened. A little at the ending. Was not enough.

I did also have some issues with the writing, sadly. I could not get truly into this book. I did not really connect with the main girl at all. I sort of liked reading about her, but I did not care. It was honestly so very boring. It was just her thinking almost the entire book. About the same things over and over again. I wanted so much from this one. I wanted a most exciting mystery book, like many of her other ones. But this one fell short. At least for me. There were some surprises, which I liked. And I liked finally knowing what the mystery was. But it was also a little too easy, I think. I wasn't as satisfied as I wanted to be, with the answers. Also wanted more at the ending. Oh. And there was zero romance. Disappointed about that. It could have made it better.

I am not going to write too much about this book. As I do not really feel like sharing all that much. And there is not much to share either, to be honest. It is a story about Abby, in her late twenties, I think. She has now lived in this very small town for ten years, working at the inn at the mountains. Always being an outsider, as the people who lived in this town always stuck together. She is finally feeling more like she belongs as well. I kind of liked this story about her, but I also did not love her. I so wanted to feel more.

Oh. Yes. There is a secret revealed about her at the end of the book. If this had been known from the beginning, if it had been used better, I most likely would have cared about her much more. But it was not. It was more like it was all an afterthought, just added at the end to shock a little. As it was not used at all before then. Rude. So, yeah. I wanted to like Abigail, but I just did not care. I cared a little more about her friend, Georgia. But only a little. Somewhat liked Cory, but not really. Trey was just there, not interesting.

I suppose this is a mystery book. Four people went missing on a trail twenty-five years ago. Another ten years ago. Then two more a little after as well. The last one just four months before. And now his brother showed up, trying to figure out what happened to him. Which is how Abby starts looking into it all. But my gosh. This book was so very boring. It took ages before something happened. Before she started figuring out anything at all. And the things didn't even make much sense either. The reason for the murders. Ugh.

Honestly, I'm just disappointed about The Last to Vanish. I had thought it would be much better. But it ended up being so disappointing for me, sadly. So much of the book is about Abby being at work at the inn. It was boring. Only a tiny mountain walking, which I liked, but it was so little. I somewhat liked the answers we got at the end, but also not. And so, truly, this book wasn't worth it for me. And I wonder if others will enjoy it, though. And I will still read any new book by Megan. I do think this cover is gorgeous.

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