Saturday, January 28, 2023

In My Mailbox #586

Whoops. This past week went by even faster than I thought it would. I wanted to read a new book, but have not had the time for it at all. Ack. I have just been busy and exhausted. Sigh. But hoping to start my next book very shortly, as I do know what I'm reading next :) I did get a bunch of mail this week, oops. <3 But DHL have lost one of my funko packages. Uuugh. They better find it on Monday. I'm a little stressed about it, but hoping they find it. Sigh. And waiting on more lovely books :) And more pop figures, oops. I'm too excited. I'm just exhausted lately. Everything hurts and everything sucks. But doing okay. I'm happy :) Just hurting. And hoping my health will get better soon. This week I'm waiting on Sword Catcher :D I hope you are all doing well. <3 Are you reading anything good lately? :) I want some recommendations, ha :)

Funko Nordic Pop Figures. Eee! Thank you so much Funko Nordic for this most amazing gift. <3 Love!
Hell Bent. Two editions have arrived; US and UK hardcovers. <3 Hoping to read book one soon, ack :)
Sinister Summer 3: Camp Creepy. I.. have not yet read book one and two. Oops. But I have them all :)
The Silmarillion. This was expensive. But I saw it on sale in my town. I had to get it, oops. So pretty. <3
Funko Europe. Ahh. Two orders have arrived. Waiting on two more. I went a little bit crazy. Oops. I got a new purse and wallet :D And they are just adorable. Love my Maleficent soda. Love my Coraline pins. Some new mystery minis, finally got a new villain version :D And the Goofy is new too, so yay for that :)

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