Saturday, January 21, 2023

In My Mailbox #585

Eee. I have read two books this week :D What even! Haha. I'm proud of myself :) And I'm even thinking about reading again soon. Not sure what's happening to me, lol. But so so happy to finally feel a little like reading again :) Been too long since I have wanted to read. So yay for that. But my next book must have some romance, so I'm not sure what to read next. Oh. Also. No mail this week. Aw. So only sharing my instagram photo below :) But getting looots of mail next week. Oops. And oh. The sun is finally back. At last. Some daylight again, ha. Excited to get to take prettier photos, finally. <3 For once, I have more than one new blog post to share about, ha :D I have three. This week I'm waiting on It Found Us :) I shared my review of Gallant. <3 And I shared my review of The Last to Vanish :) Oh. And yeah. My health goddamn sucks, so I'm even more surprised that I managed to read two books this week, with all the pain I am in. So, yeah. I'm awesome, ha :) This week was medicine week. Which suuucked. And I twisted my neck or something that same day, and have had intense neck and shoulder and back and head pain for daaays now. How rude. Keep waiting for it to get better, but so far not. Hmph. But despite this, I'm doing okay :) Also just so happy that the sun is coming back again now, at last, haha. Hope you are all well too. <3

More Instagram photos here. <3

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