Saturday, January 29, 2022

In My Mailbox #534

Another week gone by. But now the sun is finally back, eee :D Been two long months with no sunshine, no real daylight. Ugh. Rude. But it's back, at last. Still only a little sun each day, but it helps so much. So pretty with some light, haha. Excited to finally get to take more lighter photos too, finally. This week have not been the best for me, sadly. My health fucking sucks. But I'm doing my best. Just so very exhausted and hurting all over. I hate it. Ugh. But doing okay, still. Yesterday was medicine day again. Which killed me a little. Was such a painful day for my body. Shudders. A little better today, thankfully. I also finally started reading a new book yesterday morning :D But.. only read twenty pages, and haven't read more yet. Oops. But will read again after I finish posting this :) So yay. I'm liking the book so far. <3 Just still need to force myself to read. Rude. This week I'm waiting on Rise of the School for Good and Evil :D Eee. This week I also got all the amazing mail I was waiting for, yessss. <3 I'm SO excited about it all :D Ahh! Everything was perfect. <3 I'm so so thankful. I hope you are all doing well and still staying safe :)

Pop Figures. EEE! Thank you so much Funko Nordic for these four lovely gifts :D They are amazing.
Star Wars Pop Figure. Finally got my pre-ordered Christmas pop.. a month behind. How rude, haha :)
Animal Crossing. Ahh! Bookdepo never sent me the day-to-day calender. Then it was sold out in the whole world, and I thought I would never get it. Then I saw it in store in one place in Norway. And that store was willing to ship it to me, thankfully. <3 So happy. Except for the damage it had. Sobs. I am not happy with that. Sigh. But still. I am happy to own it, at last :) And love the other two items, eee. So cute. And.. bought more Amiibo cards. Oops. More expensive than what I want to pay. Siiigh. But Nintendo UK still have not gotten them back in stock. Not since before November. I really truly hate waiting. So yeah. Buying a little while I wait for them to finally be back in stock there :) So I can buy more, ha. I'm excited.
Eevee Plush. Okay. I could not stop myself from buying this most adorable Pokemon plush. <3 So cute.

Box of Goodies from Alyssa. <3 Eee! Oh my gosh. Thank you SO MUCH Alyssa :D AHH! You are truly the very best friend there is. <3 Hugs. It really truly means the world to me that you were able to help me get all of these items to Norway :) Gosh. You are amazing. I have bought all of these items myself, sent to Alyssa, then she shipped them all to me. <3 Things I could not get here. I will be taking better photos of most of the things too, later on, and share on instagram :) Gosh. So much amazing. And some special editions of books, eee. <3 A whole bunch of new EOS lip glosses :D I love those the most. Finally got the Pokemon pop calendar. <3 It's the cutest. And some special Taylor Swift items, two signed CDs :D Eeee. Love. And a bunch of pre-order offers that Alyssa helped me get. <3 Ahh! A few pretty pop figures :D And some US Animal Crossing amiibo cards too, eee. All perfect. Sigh. Thank you so, so much Alyssa. <3 You are truly the most amazing person. All the hugs. I'm so so happy with everything :) It's all perfect. <3

More Instagram photos here. <3

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