Saturday, January 22, 2022

In My Mailbox #533

Another week gone by, another week of not reading. Oops. But I will make myself start in the next few days. I must. So far behind. But yeah. I'm just exhausted and feeling shitty. But doing okay despite this. Got some great books in the mail this week. <3 But next week will be eeeepic :D I SO CANNOT WAIT. <3 Eeee. Waiting on some amazing mail :) So very excited. And the sun is finally back in my town. Still a few days until it hits my house, but not long left now. Cannot wait for daylight again. Sigh. And finally getting to take prettier, lighter photos, haha :) This week I'm waiting on Demon in the Wood. <3 Hope you are all doing great and staying safe :) I'm still safe and doing mostly good. Just tired all the time. Sigh. Rude :)

Aurora's End. Goldsboro finally shipped my signed special edition :D Yay! And it looks fully gorgeous.
Nightrender. I'm excited about this book :) Though I probably won't read it for ages. Oops. Looks great.
Dog Star. Eee. This book looks so cute and sounds awesome too. I cannot wait to read it someday soon.
Encanto Soundtrack. Yay! I loved this movie so, so much. So needed the songs and score :) So perfect.
Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. Still waiting for Nintendo UK. Sigh. So only bought a few more expensive ones, haha. They were all completely perfect, eee. <3 But yeah. I need a much, much larger order soon :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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  1. Awesome mail this week! Aurora's End was so good. Great job getting a signed copy too.


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