Saturday, January 15, 2022

In My Mailbox #532

Another week gone by super fast :) And I still have not read anything. Oops. But I have my next read ready, and will make myself start this coming week, ha. I just need to start. I love reading. But I am too lazy and exhausted, still. Rude. This week haven't been easy, as I'm feeling pretty much dead. Always waiting to feel better, always feeling worse instead, lol. Sigh. I'm still checking for those goddamn Animal Crossing cards eeevery day all the damn time. They are still not back in stock, not any of the six types. Grrr. It's making me exhausted and stressed and I just want to be able to buy them all. Sigh. Hopefully early next week then. Hmph. Tired of just waiting and waiting. Which is also why I have not really done anything else. I'm still just checking and waiting. Oops. But I don't mind too much :) My body needs the rest. A few pretty books this week. <3 But only one new blog post. This week I'm waiting on Wretched Waterpark :) Hope you are all doing okay. <3 My "baby" niece turns four years old tomorrow, aaaack :D

Rebellion of the Lost. I'm excited to read this middle grade sequel one day soonish, hopefully :) So cute.
Serendipity. I know, I know. Not really a book for me, but Marissa, so of course I had to have the UK too :)
Tess of the Road. New paperback edition :D It looks gorgeous. Can't wait for book two next month, eee.
WarioWave. I wasn't sure if I wanted this game, but I also couldn't stop myself, haha :D Hoping it's good.
Amiibo Figures. These were a little expensive. But Cat Peach is the most adorable. Cat Mario too, sure :)

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