Thursday, June 24, 2021

Cover Reveal: Extasia by Claire Legrand

EEE! I am SO excited about sharing this cover today :D Gosh. I am the biggest fan of Claire Legrand and all of her books. And today I'm sharing the cover for her newest one: Extasia. It will be out early next year, and I simply cannot wait. I think this cover looks aaaamazing. I love the red and dark. I love the girl. I love the letter type used. Sigh. This book will be perfection. Links and who designed this cover are all below the cover :) I hope you all love this cover too. I think it is gorgeous. And I cannot wait to read this one. I know I will love it, just like I have loved all books by Claire :) Extasia seems like it will be fully dark and delicious and I could not be happier. It comes out on February 22nd 2022 from Katherine Tegen Books :)

My name is unimportant.

All you must know is that today I become one of the four saints of Haven. The elders will mark me and place the red hood on my head. They will give me my true name, and with my sisters I will stand against the evil power that lives beneath the black mountain—an evil which has already killed nine of our village’s men.

I will tell no one of the white-eyed beasts that follow me. Or the faceless gray women tall as houses. Or the girls I saw kissing in the elm grove.

Today I become a saint of Haven. I will rid my family of my mother’s shame at last and save my people from destruction. I am not afraid.

Are you?

Extasia. Claire Legrand. The Book Depository. Amazon. HarperCollins.
Art by Diego Fernandez. Design by Joel Tippie.

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