Saturday, May 29, 2021

In My Mailbox #499

How has it already been another week? Gosh. Time is moving too fast lately. I still haven't read anything. Sigh. I'm just too busy, too exhausted. And still have no will to read at all. Which completely sucks. I really hope to read tomorrow, though. Fingers crossed for me, please. I do know I will love my next read. I know it very much. I just cannot make myself start. It sucks. I have read so little this year. What even. Hoping it will change, that I will read a lot soon. This week have been good and bad. I'm just busy with family and playing Animal Crossing and Pokemon GO and Wizards Unite, haha :) I did finish watching The Walking Dead. <3 Love it so. Cannot wait for the final season. Eee. Have somewhat started re-watching Fear The Walking Dead. And gosh, it's actually so bad, gaaah. But watching it with my mom even so :) This week I'm waiting on Once Upon a Broken Heart :D Did not get too much mail this week, but that's fully okay. It all looks awesome. <3 I haven't taken bookish photos in weeks now for instagram. Gosh. Sooooon. Hope you are all doing well and staying safe. <3 One day soon the world will be back to normal. Hopefully :)

Mister Impossible. Gorgeous UK paperback edition. <3 One day I'll re-read The Raven Boys to catch up.
Taylor Swift. Eee. Gorgeous cassette version of Evermore. <3 And lovely pop socket :D Needed these.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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