Saturday, March 6, 2021

In My Mailbox #487

Another Saturday, another week gone by. Plus side of the time moving fast for me: it is soon April, when I will hopefully get to take up my spa bath early again, eee. I am so very excited. <3 I have actually had a pretty good week. I read a whole book last Saturday, and spent this week reading another one. It took me longer, but finished it, so I'm pleased about that :) And I know what I'm reading next too. Have re-watched The Hobbit trilogy with my nephew, his first time. Watched some true crime things on Netflix. Just tried to take it easy. Still playing Animal Crossing New Horizons every day, and Pokemon GO every day too. A little of Wizards Unite too, though I am still mad at that game. Hmph. So my days are busy. Sadly health just feels worse this week. Uuugh. Toe is still infected. My back has gotten some intense pain that I do not know what is. Have an ultrasound appointment next week, hoping they will find something, so I will know what it is. And season two of Love Alarm arrives next week too. Ahh. I am fully nervous. It will break me. Yet I cannot wait. Sigh. Got a little bit of precious mail too. <3 A few new blog posts :) I shared my review of The Ones We're Meant to Find. <3 This week I'm waiting on Bluebird :D And shared my review of Such a Quiet Place :) I hope that you are all still doing good and staying as safe as is possible these days. <3

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin. Thank you so much to prettygalsread for trading this lovely with me. <3
Foxheart. Eee. Finally a US paperback edition. <3 Of course I had to have two, as always with Claire :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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