Saturday, June 27, 2020

In My Mailbox #451

This week have been so busy and so long. Oops. But I'm doing good. Exhausted. But good. I have read one book, eee, review up on Monday. I know what I'm reading next. But will watch movies for a few days before I start, haha, as it is a very long series I'm starting. So excited, though. But yes. I'm starting season three of Dark tomorrow, and I cannot wait. I also watched A Whisker Away yesterday. It was way too cute and good. Kind of awkward and crazy, but I loved it to pieces. Thinking I will rewatch it soon even. What. I got my spa bath missing parts this week :D EEE! And got my spa bath up. And baths taken in 42c, finally. It had been five very very long weeks. Ugh. But yeah. My baths are the best. <3 So happy. Except, well. There are still issues. Water is leaking from somewhere. Uuugh. Waiting for service people to get back to me.. will take forever. They are the actual worst people. Rude. Anyway. A bit of mail this week. Okay, lol, a bunch of pop figures. But I had to get them. I just had to :) I shared my blog tour review of The Oddmire: The Unready Queen :D And this week I'm waiting on The Iron Raven. <3 I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Hugs. I am doing my best. Corona have not really been in Norway for real yet, and not in my town. But it is coming and coming fast, I am sure. Dreading it. Nervous. Worried about me and my family.

Chain of Gold. Oops. Another UK paperback edition, haha. Sent all the way from Australia. Love it so :)
Aurora Burning. Finally got my International paperback edition. <3 It is so gorgeous. Sigh. Loved this one.
The Blood Spell. Eee! US paperback edition is out, finally :D So stunning. And such an aaamazing book.
Pop Figures. Whoops. There was a sale, haha. And so I had to buy all of these :D They are just precious.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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