Saturday, June 6, 2020

In My Mailbox #448

Hi. I am not doing the best. Health is super crappy and now my arthritis is in so much pain too. It is the worst. But I'm going to the hospital this coming week. I'm not looking forward to it, but I am very excited about finally getting medicine again. My stomach is in so much pain. All of me is. Hoping medicine will help. Fingers crossed. And so I'm also slow to read, but finished my re-read and I have started reading Aurora Burning too :) So two new blog posts this week. I shared my second review of Aurora Rising. <3 This week I'm waiting on Skyhunter :) I also got three books this week, so happy about that. The news is such a terrible place right now. I feel so sorry for the Black people of America. The US police are the very worst. And I am hoping there will finally be changes now. Crossing all my fingers. I hope you are all doing okay and staying safe. <3 I'm doing my best. And so hoping that the medicine will work like it has before.

Aurora Burning. UK hardcover finally arrived :D And looking gorgeous, of course. Sigh. Love this cover.
York 3: The Map of Stars. I very much liked book one, and so I cannot wait to read all three books soon :)
The Iron King. Eee. Anniversary edition :D It looks stunning. But damaged, sobs. Still. I loved this book.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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