Saturday, June 20, 2020

In My Mailbox #450

Where did the week go? Gosh. Haven't read anything for about a week, since I read The Unready Queen which I will share my review for the blog tour on Monday :) I need to read Rebel Spy for the blog tour the week after. Which is a book I'm super excited about. Just need to get myself to start. Ack. This week has been stressful. Spa bath finally arrived back from service. After four goddamn weeks. And it arrived with wrong parts. And parts not fixed. And I am so goddamn angry and sad and ugh. So yeah. Now waiting for them to ship me the right parts. They are in the mail, but so slow. Sigh. I had to argue with them. Again. Damn it. so yeah. Still don't have my spa bath up. And I am heartbroken about it. I can only bathe during the summer, and now I'm missing five whole weeks of bathing. I am not okay with it. Sigh. Anyway. Doing good despite that :) Medicine is mostly working. Hmm. Got a few gorgeous books in the mail. <3 And still playing and loving Animal Crossing the most. Sigh. So very good. Only one new blog post, though. This week I'm waiting on Keeper of the Lost Cities. <3 Special edition :) I hope that you are all staying safe. <3

Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Ahhh! Finally here :D SO BIG. So gorgeous. Cannot wait to read it all.
Aurora Burning. UK Goldsboro edition, finally. Eee. Lovely. And second US edition. Oops. So so pretty. 
Deeplight. I had to buy more from Waterstones, and saw this, and looks fully gorgeous. I had to buy it :D

More Instagram photos here. <3

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