Saturday, May 16, 2020

In My Mailbox #445

This week I actually got nothing in the mail. How very rude. The mail is so slow these days. Sigh. Waiting on some books, hoping they will get here one day, ha. And ahh! I have read two books this week, eee :D Review for the second one coming up shortly. But, ugh. Both were three stars. Which is depressing, as I really want to read an epic story. Hmph. Hoping my next read will be better :) Fingers crossed. But so so so glad that I'm reading more, finally. Sigh. Although, my health is not any better. Rude. I'm in more pain each day. Sigh. But doing my best, despite this :) I hope you are all doing well too. <3 So anyway. Two new blog posts this week; with my review coming tonight. I shared my review of The Kingdom of Back :) This week I'm waiting on The Mirror: Broken Wish. <3 It is still so cold and still snowing at times. So rude.

Among the Beasts and Briars. I actually downloaded this weeks ago, oops. Just read it this weekend :D
Panda. Bought this expensive designed ornament for birthday money. <3 So goddamn cute, eee. Love.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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