Saturday, May 9, 2020

In My Mailbox #444

Oh my gosh. I have read a book this week. Ahh! Only one, but still. First book read in almost two months, so yay for that :) And I will make myself start another in a few days too. Hmph. I love reading. So much. But have had no energy for it, no will to pick anything up for ages. Oops. I am hoping to change that now. Anyway. No books in the mail this week. What even. Waiting on a few, but shipping is not the fastest right now. So yeah. Hoping some will arrive next week :) Still. Got a few movies, haha. So sharing about those. And two new blog posts, which I haven't had in weeks and weeks, lol. This week I'm waiting on Murder on Cold Street. <3 Then shared my review of The June Boys :) I hope you are all doing well and are staying safe. I'm still fully busy playing Animal Crossing. If you want to friend me, send me a message on twitter :) I also turned 27 on Sunday, gosh, so old, haha. But had a great birthday; which I always love. I'm so very behind on everything, though. And haven't taken instagram photos in ages. Hoping to do that very soon :)

Movies. I loved Uncaged and Crawl. Love monster movies, haha. So excited to see the other two soon :)
Plush. I bought this cutie today, eee. And sharing since I have this big obsession with cute plushes, haha.

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. Hi Carina !

    i see that you too order from BookDepo, so i was curious how much do you care about minor book damage? mine always arrive with the occasional bent corner or a bit of a wrinkled spine and was wondering if you have any advice for me how to not get too bummed about it?

    sometimes it can really get in the way of my reading so i'm looking for some advice, thanks :)

    1. Hi Tanya :D

      Oh, yes. I have gotten many damaged books from them. Sigh. Years ago, I used to care more about minor damages. These days I try not to care too much, ack. Buuut. If the damages are too much for me, I always send them an email with photos and saying I want a refund. They usually give a partial refund :) But if damage is too much for me, I ask for a new book. They have often sent me this too. Of course, it very very often happens that I have to send many emails before I get them to do this. Oops. But they are usually good at this :)

      Hope this helps. <3 Also, do you have twitter? :)


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