Saturday, May 18, 2019

In My Mailbox #393

Two books read this week :D Yay. I feel happy about this, haha. Still so far behind on everything else, though. Sigh. My body is just exhausted every damn second. And I spend so much time with my sister and her kids these days. No time left. But I love my family time the most. And my spa bath for two hours almost every day, eee. Exhausting, but worth it. It's the best part of my days, when I have the energy for it. But anyway. I'm hoping to get more done in this coming week. Crossing my fingers. Oh. Wait. Hospital on Wednesday. And this time I will be gone the whole damn day, until late in the evening. Oh. Will murder me, probably, haha. But looking forward to a day of shopping and food too, lol. Anyway. So need to catch up to everything. Hopefully shortly. Happy to have gotten to read two books this week at least. Hoping to read more going forward. I love reading so much. Just never have the time or energy lately. Ugh. Anyway. A few new blog posts :D I posted my second review of Sky in the Deep. <3 So precious. This week I am waiting on Ninth House :D Then posted my review of The Girl the Sea Gave Back :) Which I am so sad that I did not like much. Ack. I did not get a lot of books this week, but that's okay. More coming. Oops. And oh gosh. Some eARCs. Eee. So happy. I love my pretty mail this week. <3 Hope you are all okay :)

Aurora Rising. My UK hardcover has arrived, eee :D And it looks so very gorgeous. Sigh. I loved this one.
York. I adored the first book :D But gosh. Been two years since I read it now. What. Excited for this book.
Plush. When I saw this adorable pink pig I had to get him. So soft. I so love buying plushes, haha :) Love.

Oh. What even. It was my third time requesting those three books from Wednesday Books on Edelweiss. I had gotten declined twice. Hoped third time was the charm. Then I got an email saying I was approved for all three! Ahh! What. I pretty much died, haha :) Went to download them. Which I could, thankfully. But it said that I was declined, not approved. What. And so I think I got approved by accident. Oops. But I do not mind, haha. Just so thankful that I got to download them :D So so excited. Sigh. And very happy. <3

Darkdawn. Oh my gosh. I peeked. I'm now too nervous to read this one. Sigh. But I will. One day. Soon.
The Girl the Sea Gave Back. Was so very excited about this one. Oh. But I did not like it much. Sad face.
The Grace Year. I am SO excited about this :D It looks gorgeous. Sounds creepy and exciting. Can't wait.
The Star Shepherd. EEE! I adore MarcyKate. Thank you publisher and Netgalley. <3 Cannot wait to read.

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