Saturday, May 11, 2019

In My Mailbox #392

Oh. This post is a little bit behind, as my day was all kinds of busy. Oops. But it's here, finally, haha :D I managed to read a book this week, eee. And it was the most precious one. Sigh. I loved it so much. So happy. Hoping to read more this coming week. It's just difficult. Health sucks. Hoping to get answers to some blood work I took next week. Fingers crossed it will help. And so I have a couple more blog posts this week, haha. I shared my review of The Magnolia Sword. <3 This week I'm waiting on Ghosts of the Shadow Market :D Then I took part in the international blog tour for Aurora Rising. <3 I am pretty much exhausted. But trying. Hoping to finally get some things done soon. Anyway. I got a whole lot of mail this week, ahhh :D And I love it all so very much. <3 Way too many books, oops. I love them all. The most :)

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. I read her upcoming book as an eARC, eee, and loved it. I needed this.
Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix. And this one too. I cannot wait to read them both. Hopefully soonish :D
Finale. Okay, I have yet to read book one. Ahh. But now I own hardcovers of all three, so reading soon.
The Red Scrolls of Magic. The regular US hardcover finally arrived, haha. It just looks so stunning. Love.
Obsidio. Eee, gorgeous new US paperback edition :D I love this series so very much. Sigh. It is perfect.
Aurora Rising. One of many have arrived, finally :D And ahh. It is so gorgeous. I loved this book the most.
Furyborn. Oops. Foreign edition, German :D I had to get it, for the cards inside. I adore this one so much.
Sawkill Girls. Paperback edition already! Ahh! I loved this precious book. And it's just soso very precious.
Onyx & Ivory. Another lovely paperback edition :D I very much adored this book as well. It's so awesome.
Hero at the Fall. Oops. One more paperback, haha :D I haven't read book two and three yet, though. Ack!
Taylor Swift. EEE! I'm in love with this Taylor pop socket :D I had to buy it. And tiny hearts! So much love.
Pop Figures. Eee, Toothless is so very precious :D The cutest. And another Dumbo pop. So adorable :)

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