Monday, July 16, 2018

Review: Spectacle by Rachel Vincent

Second time reading this book, second time having my heart broken. Gosh. This sequel is painful. But so good too. I once more loved it a whole bunch. Still a five star. I love Menagerie a little more, but oh, Spectacle is an amazing read. And I am so thrilled I decided to re-read these before reading the final one.

This series is all kinds of painful to read. Yet I cannot help but love every moment of them. Painful, yet hopeful too. This world that Rachel has created is the worst kind. And it hurts my heart at all times. But Delilah is so strong and I feel for her so much. She's the best. These books are so good. I enjoyed the writing.

I shall not be writing too much about what happens in this book, but I very very much need to write down my feelings about some things. And I have a lot of those. This book was just so good. But hurtful and evil and rude too. My poor heart may never recover. You all need to read these books too. They are painful. But worth it. Spectacle begins three months after the end of Menagerie. It has been three months since Delilah and the other captives took over the menagerie, and they have been running the circus ever since. Without the public knowing that the cryptids are free and not really chained up, like they all used to be. It has been three amazing months for all of them. I felt very happy about their freedom. Sigh. But this was not to last. Good things never do.

They are all captured. This time they are not to be part of a circus. They have been sold to The Savage Spectacle. Which is the very very worst place they could have ended up. And gosh. Reading about the time they spent at this place. I cannot. It was horrible. And my heart it still aching for everything these poor characters went through. Because this Spectacle is a place where rich people come to have fun. They can buy time with whichever cryptid and creature they want. And do whatever they want to them.

Which they do. And gosh. My poor heart. These people did not deserve this. Yes, the cryptids are not human, but they are not far from human. They think like us. They are just like us, they only look different and have some powers. It broke my heart to read about how humans treats them in this world. It is not fair. And it is not kind. At all. Spectacle is told from the point of view of Delilah, with a few other chapters by other characters. But this is still Delilah's story. And so we get to see everything that happens to her.

Thankfully, the most brutal parts of this place did not happen to Delilah. But she is not left unhurt. And so much happens to her. And it is painful to read about. Yet written so very well and I could not help but love every part of this book. Because Delilah is so strong and brave and just the very best character. I loved how amazing she was. And how caring she was. She was the greatest. This book is about her struggle to adapt to a new horrible living situation. And her trying her best to figure out how to escape with everyone.

My most favorite character is still Gallagher. I love how big and strong and brutal and sweet he is. Delilah means everything to him. And he would to anything to protect her. Which he has to do in this book. And everything he went through killed me. Still no romance between them. Sigh. I ship them beyond words. Just, gosh, the pain they both go through in this book. I cannot deal with it. Pain together, pain apart. Feel like Gallagher had it worst. And some things that happened to him were not made clear, and it hurts me.

There is so much going on in this book. Half of it is about them arriving at the Spectacle. The second half is eight weeks after they arrived. And gosh, that plot twist was rude. I cannot get over it. So good. But so very painful. Especially reading about the parts that were missed in those eight week. Gosh. So many surprises and secrets. My poor heart. This Spectacle is owned by the very worst man possible. And his wife. Reading about them was the very worst, and I wanted the worst death as possible for them, haha.

I am not going to mention all of the characters in this books, but gosh, they are amazing. Many cryptids and creatures. All different. All amazing to read about and get to know. I loved how Delilah wants to save them all, and keep them from pain. Even when there is nothing she can do. All of these characters pretty much broke my heart. And I loved them so. Want the best for all of them, and oh, how I wish for a happy ending. But gosh, I'm nervous. Because this world was so much not made for happy endings. But I wish.

I have already written way more than I had planned to. Yet not nearly enough about what I wanted to share. I want to talk about all the things. All the spoilers. All my heartbreak. But I will not. Will just say that you need to read this book already. It is so good. Though most parts killed me. And oh, I want Delilah to remember some important events. And I want her and Gallagher together so badly. And I want all the bad parts they went through to go away. Ahh. My poor soul. This book was so painful. But so so worth it too.

Feeling so thrilled about how much I love these books. Only wish I will feel the same for the third one, which I'm starting an eARC of very shortly. I'm so nervous, because I have peeked. But beyond excited too. I cannot wait to know how everything ends. It may end up breaking me, though. I cannot wait, haha. Spectacle was an incredible second book. Exciting and evil and just so good. There were a few things I wish had not happened, but I can live with that. Because most of this book was perfect. Loved it so much.


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