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Review: Fury by Rachel Vincent

I have waited three years to know how these books would end. And now I know. And I may never recover, honestly. This book was pretty amazing, but it also ruined me a little. I'm giving it four stars, because there were things I needed answers to, and I did not get them. But for the most part I loved this final one a bunch.

I have a lot of things I need to write down about this book. Will try my hardest not to share spoilers, but I will share my feelings about certain things, and some hints too. This is the third book in such an amazing series that I have loved reading. And I need all of you to read these books as well. So painful. But so important.

This book still tells the story of Delilah. It has been nine months now since she and everyone else managed to escape from the Savage Spectacle. That most horrible place. They have all been on the run since then. Most of them were separated. But Delilah ended up with Gallagher and a few others that she was closest with. I adored all of them very much. They were such awesome characters and I very much liked reading about them all. Though they escaped that gruesome place, they are still not safe or free. The world still wants all cryptids taken away or dead. And so they are now hiding at a cabin in the woods, trying to stay hidden until the baby is born. Delilah's baby. That is half-fae. Ahh. My heart. This pregnancy pretty much killed me. But so good.

There is so much to learn in this book. So many secrets and plot twists are revealed. So much more to know about Delilah and how she came to be. And I loved that a whole lot. This book is also told a little from the point of view of Rebecca Essig. She is important to this story, to Delilah. And I liked her small chapters a whole lot. Getting to know her story was awesome. I love Delilah the very most, but Rebecca was pretty great too. Though my favorite character will always be Gallagher, haha. I love him very much.

I enjoyed this final book because I simply love reading about Delilah and Gallagher. They are awesome together. And I love how he is always protecting her. And how they are always together. Just, yeah. I wanted more too. Hmm. But pleased with some things that happened, eee. And oh. They are having a baby together. The reason for why they are is still heartbreaking. But so interesting to read about it all, even so. I just love these characters so much. And learning more about them was so very awesome.

The thing is, though, there was not really a lot happening in this book. It was short. And so much is still left unanswered. But we do learn more about Delilah, and why she is a furiae. And what she is meant to do about this. But that is pretty much everything this book was about. That, and waiting for the baby to be born. I kind of expected a bit more from this final book? The first two were pretty brutal and awful. This one had nothing of that. I kind of missed the heartbreak and hope. Wanted a little more action, honestly.

But I also really liked this final book. I just wish that there had been more. It was a bit too little, to be fully honest. Still. Fury was a great final book. It's possible that I'm the only one wanting more from it. Oh, well. What I did enjoy, though, was getting to read more about my favorite characters. Reading about Delilah and Gallagher spending time together and talking was the best. But she was pushing him away a little at first too, and that broke my heart, ack. But they were so good together. Sigh. Loved reading about them.

But what was missing from this book was the other characters, the other cryptids. Most are missing after they escaped from the Spectacle. There is talk about how they are going to find the missing ones, but it has been nine months since their escape, and nothing has been done. And then this book ended without knowing anything else about that. I'm a bit disappointed, to be honest. I wanted to know more about the other cryptids too. I wanted to know if they were freed. I wanted to know where they all were, alive or not.

Then there was the romance. Well, the lack of romance. Through this whole trilogy I shipped Delilah and Gallagher the very very most. They are just perfect together and would make such an awesome couple. I will not spoil this book, but, well, nothing happens for more than half of it. Because Delilah does not want him to touch her, after how she got pregnant by him. Even though she still does not remember the details. That is what bothered me. I so needed this memory. And Delilah needed to know it too. But she does not.

I very much needed to know what happened in that scene. How Delilah felt about it. Sigh. And I cannot help but be a little heartbroken about it. Because this book is short. Only about three hundred pages. Felt like there could have been at least two hundred pages more, because very much is missing. I loved the book, but so much is left out. The ending was a little rushed. And I am not pleased with how it ended, to be honest. It was fitting for the story, which was good, but I personally am not happy about it all. Hmph.

Huge thank you to the publisher, Mira Books, for accepting my request to read this early via Edelweiss. Feeling so thankful for the chance to have read it a bit early. While it did not have everything I wanted, Fury was an amazing final book. There were answers. There was a conclusion. There were amazing characters and I simply loved reading about them all. Fury was a worthy final book. Though, yes, there were a few things I wish would have been different. But I shall get past it. So happy I read this trilogy.


  1. Wow 3 years is a long wait!!! I haven't read these books but I've had my eye on them for ages and the covers are really eye catching! I'm glad this was a good conclusion:D
    Kariny @Kariny's Book Frenzy


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