Saturday, July 21, 2018

In My Mailbox #350

This week have been pretty awesome. But also completely exhausting. And so no catching up this week either. Ahh. Oh, well. I'll get there. We finally got summer heat and sun this week, eee :D It was even 30c outside two days. Which hasn't been for years and years. It was perfection. Sigh. A little too hot with the sun, but so lovely too. And so I have spent most days this week outside in the sun. And so because of the heat, I have not gotten to have my spa bath since Sunday. Ahhh. But finally colder this afternoon, so spa bath then, finally, I hope :D Missed it so. Also had just about zero time to read. I read Spectacle, but only just started reading Fury. Hoping to be able to finish it tonight. Fingers crossed. Then I will read Give the Dark My Love next. Ahh. SO excited :D Eee. So yeah. Not many blog posts; only two. Shared my second review of Spectacle. <3 And this week I'm waiting on To Best the Boys :D I also got some stunning mail this week, eee. And waiting on something more awesome too, I think :D Cannot wait. ALSO! I bought an iPhone X this week :D AHHH! It is PERFECTION. Huge. And bright. And so so stunning. I love it so much already. But beyond expensive. Gosh. But I was approved for being able to pay it all in 12 months, with no extra charges. Yesss. I could not resist. Since my iPhone 7 had lots of damage from a fall. And gosh, how I love my iPhone X. Sigh. It's so precious. So anyway. I also saw Skyscraper and Mamma Mia 2 at the cinema this week. They were both awesome :D Mamma Mia is my favorite movie, but oh, this second one was a little bit disappointing. But I still loved it. <3 Hoping to be able to read lots more shortly, when the cold comes back, haha :) But yeah. Hopefully able to finish Fury tonight. <3 Nervous and excited :)

Bright We Burn. Final copy for my collection has arrived :D This hardcover is so huge and so gorgeous.
Willa of the Wood. Eee, this middle grade book looks all kinds of stunning. I simply cannot wait to read it.
Jane, Unlimited. Gosh. I still haven't read this precious. I must. Very soon. Also, new paperback cover :D
Pop Figures. More Harry Potter for my very big collection :D And LotR. <3 And Stranger Things :D Love.

The Adventures of Phatty and Payaso: Central Park. Eee! Huge thank you to the publisher for this lovely package of awesome :D The book looks so cute and I love all of the swag too. I will be reading this book next week, and will then also post a spotlight post with an international giveaway for a copy of the book :D

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