Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review: Spectacle by Rachel Vincent

I'm so happy to finally have gotten to read this sequel. Feels like I have waited forever already to know what would happen after Menagerie, lol. I'm so thrilled to say that I loved this book beyond words. Was everything I wanted this to be and more. Okay, fine, the romance I wanted wasn't included, but everything else was.

The writing is gorgeous in this book too, and I loved that a whole bunch. Once I started reading this one, I couldn't stop until I had finished it. While there were a few things that bothered me a lot, I loved this book so much. I'm giving it five stars. Because it was all kinds of interesting and exciting and I just loved it all so much.

I just so wish that this one had been even longer. Because that ending just about killed me. So rude. Yet so perfect and not a bad cliffhanger. I'm just not sure I can survive the wait for book three, haha. I know that one will be amazing. And hoping it will have what was missing from this one. Oh, how I hope so. Will be crossing all my fingers. But anyway. Spectacle was an incredible book. I loved everything about it, except for one small part. But the rest was amazing. Sigh. And horrible, of course, like Menagerie was. But so perfect. I loved it all. I loved that this book is also mostly from the point of view of Delilah, and sometimes a few other amazing characters. It was just the best. I loved getting to read a bit from some of my favorite characters too. Yay.

There is also sort of a recap in the early pages of just about everything that happened in book one, which will be good for those who did not re-read, but considering I did re-read book one first, I found this to be highly annoying. Ack. Yet it didn't last long, and I did love reading about it all again. Just didn't need it. But besides that, the writing was stunning. And I'm so happy about that. This book takes place three months after the end of book one. And I loved that too; but I did also want to read about those missing months.

So much is happening in this amazing sequel. I don't know how to talk about it all. I shall try to mention some of it. There are new characters, though we don't get to know them that well. I did like reading about them all, however. One of them ended up dead, which made me a tiny bit sad, lol. But still, didn't feel too badly about it even so. This one also takes place in a whole new place, which was pretty terrifying. Yet I adored it lots at the same time. It was interesting to get to know this horrible place and all the people too.

The plot in this book is about the menagerie with Delilah running it being captured. And they are all taken. The new place they end up in is all kinds of different from the menagerie. It's way worse in most ways. And better in other ways. But either way, they are all captives again, after having just taken their freedom back. Aw. It was simply all kinds of heartbreaking to read about. I adored all of these characters so much. And reading about them hurting and being hurt was the worst thing. It hurt so badly. Yet written so good.

I'm not going to say much about the plot. Just they Delilah and everyone else is spending most of this one just trying to survive in this new place. Trying to survive he horrible owner, whom is renting out the creatures. And it is so brutal and awful to read about. Yet so interesting too, and I couldn't help but love it all. I adored reading more about Gallagher too. He is my favorite character. I loved how protective he is of Delilah, how he would do anything for her. Still no romance, but I still feel it between them, growing, lol.

I must mention something. Because it's bothering me a little bit. Okay, it's bothering me like crazy, and I don't think I will forget about it for quite some time. This will be a bit spoilery. In the middle of the book, Delilah wakes up, having just forgotten eight weeks of time. And this ruined my heart. Because she had forgotten this huge moment, and I needed to read about it, and now I won't, and I just. I hope it will be mentioned in book three. Because I need these missing memories more than I can say. All the sobs.

But yeah, it was an amazing plot twist, for sure. But I also wish it hadn't happened. Because we missed so much and that bothers me a lot. The memory loss didn't have to be included, I don't feel like, because I didn't think the reason for why it happened was good enough. Aw. Hoping it will be a big deal in book three. Fingers crossed. But anyway. I loved this book so, so much. Despite all of this. I just adored Delilah the very most. She's still so strong and kind and I just love her to pieces. And all her powers too. Eee.

Huge thank you to the publisher for accepting my request to read this book early via Netgalley. Means the most to me. So glad I didn't have to wait longer to read it. And so glad that I read it just now. Because this book was all kinds of amazing. If you still haven't read book one, Menagerie, then get moving. Because it's amazing. I simply loved Spectacle beyond words. It's an incredible sequel filled with excitement and mysteries and horrible people. There was so much to love about it. And I loved it all. You must read this.

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  1. Whaaaat, no romance? I'm... I'm kind of here for the romance, the romance that wasn't in book one but was hinted at. o_o Hmph. And I haaaate when there is a huge loss of time and the protagonist is confused because of it. That will frustrate me! But I'm really glad you liked the book overall. :D Great review, Carina!

    Have a fantastic week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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