Saturday, February 11, 2017

In My Mailbox #275

Finally back home and blogging again :D Yay! This post is going to be all kinds of huge. Just letting you know :D The first picture is stuff I got in the mail while I was gone. <3 And the next three pictures are things I got and bought while in Chicago :D Eee. I'm in love with all of it. SO MUCH. Gosh. Where will I fit it all? Ugh. No more room :( Sad face. But I couldn't not get it all.. hah. I love it. <3 So anyway. I'm back from Chicago :) It was pretty good. I shall share more about it in a different blog post, though, once I feel up to writing it. Shall share some pictures then too :) But yeah. Now back home, and hopefully starting to catch up shortly :D And reading more too. And doing other things too. Finally it is light enough to take pretty pictures, so yesss :D Happy about that. I'm doing pretty good. Health always sucks, but I'm doing good. Despite some awful news that arrived today. Oh. Hoping it will work out, though. Fingers crossed, please. Anyway. I have blogged a little bit since last time I posted an IMM :) I shared my review of Carve the Mark. <3 Last week I was waiting on Shadow Run :) This week I'm waiting on The Girl with the Ghost Machine :D And I shared my review of The Pearl Thief. I just got so so many things lately :D And eee, I just love it all the most. So happy. Despite the no room issues :) I'm re-reading Menagerie next; can't wait.

Caraval. I'm hopeful about this book :) I think I will love it. Just hoping that I will, haha. Fingers crossed.
The Dark Days Pact. I'm unsure about when I will read this one. Sigh. Did not like peeking at it.. aw :\
The Burning World. I loved book one years ago. I must re-read it soon :) Hope I will love this one as well.
The Unwanteds: Quests. I must must must finish the original 7 books soon, so that I can read this too :D
Starfall. Hoping that I will love this one lots :D Hopefully reading it soonish. It's so gorgeous, though. <3
Wires and Nerve. Ahhh :D So excited to read this one soon. <3 It's going to be amazing. I cannot wait :D
All the Missing Girls. Gorgeous UK and US paperback edition :D They are both so awesome. Love this.
Wintersong. Hoping that I will love this one. So much. Fingers crossed :) Either way, it's just so gorgeous.
Traitor to the Throne. Such a stunning UK finished copy :D I shall wait for my hardcover before I read ;p
Heartless. Yay :D The gorgeous new UK paperback edition. <3 This cover is just stunning. So much love.
Wayfarer swag. Ahh! I'm so happy with all of these pre-order swag :D GORGEOUS. Thank you Alex. <3
Daughter of the Pirate King swag. Yay :D Such gorgeous pre-order swag. <3 Thank you Tricia :D Eee.
Happy Hello Bookmarks. They are just gorgeous. Eee :D Supernatural and Heartless and Kaz + Inej. <3
Pop Figures. Eee :D They are all amazing. The Blacklist :D Twilight :D Moana :D Maleficent :D Love. <3

Books. EEEE! Thank you so, so much to Josh at Penguin Random House for sending me these 9 amazing YA and MG books to my hotelroom in Chicago :D Eee! I'm so so so excited to read them. <3 They are all new to me, but they all sound amazing; I cannot wait to read them. Thank you the most :)
Beanstalker. ACK! Thank you so much to Samantha at Scholastic for shipping this one to my hotelroom :D Eee! I'm beyond excited. I'm going to love this book so much and ahh. Thank you :D Cannot wait.
Miraculous Ladybug. Eee! These are all awesome :D I love this show so much. This is the third DVD. <3 So pretty. So glad I found it. And some toys too :D Didn't find the rest.. but loving these so so much :)
Crooked Kingdom. I found one Target with books :D Eee! So glad I got this, only for the poster, haha :D As I already own tons of copies of the book. <3 So happy with it. Eee. And bought the arrows for this ;)
Plushes. I love plush animals. And these are just the cutest :D Grumpy Cat! EEE! She's adorable. And the tiny dog. Love. And bukowski monkey. And cute leopard from the zoo :D Love. And Tinker Bell croc. <3 And small Zootopia babies :D I'm in love with them all. So happy. I just love buying plushes, haha :D

Pop. EEE! I'm so in love with all of these :D Found just about every special Hot Topic editions that I wanted. So so happy. Sigh. They are all gorgeous. Sadly, Target was a pretty shitty place in Downtown Chicago, so still looking for Target editions of some :( And Walmart. That did not exist in Downtown: Ugh. I want those for Moana and others so badly. Sigh. But anyway :D Love all of these pop figures so much.
Tsum Tsum. I wanted so many more, aw, but they did not have old ones at Disney.. sigh. Disappointing. But I did get the Aristocats :D They are adorable. Also got a few fake? ones from Target, just couldn't help but buy them. <3 And then the TY tsum tsum plushes. From the movie Pets :D And others that I adore.
Tangled Lego. I wanted to buy more lego, but could only get this one :) It's adorable. I love Tangled lots.
Disney Princesses. Eee! I could not resist buying this set of these figures :D They are beyond adorable.
Disney Key. On our first Disney Store visit, we got there before ten. I got to open the store, lol. Love this.
Figures. Well. I got tons of different figure packages, hoping to get someone awesome, as I couldn't see who I bought. And aw. I'm pretty disappointed with all of them :( With Moana and Harry Potter and Disney and Villains and Supernatural. I mean, I love those I did get, but did not get the ones I wanted :\ Oh, well. I tried at least :) And ee, Harry Potter pins :D Saw them, had to get them. So cute. And the ball! Awesome to squeeze on. So glad I found it, after Melissa shared about it :) It's weird, yet awesome. I love it all so.
Supernatural. Eee! I got a few Supernatural things at Hot Topic :D Wishing I had gotten more, but gosh, I love these that I did buy. Sigh. They are all just awesome. Love the two Bitch/Jerk items. <3 Love it all.

Moana. Just about all the Moana stuff I bought in Chicago :D Eee! I'm in love with all of them. <3 Gorgeous dolls. Gorgeous figures. And ahh, I got the ornaments for $10 :D Found them on sale. SO happy. They were crazy expensive to buy online, so so glad I found them. Eee. And all the plushes :D They are the cutest. Just, sigh. I love all of this so much. This movie is the best. And all of these items means the most to me :) Wishing I could have gotten the Maui doll too, but he was pretty huge and so so heavy. And expensive. Maybe some other time, though ;) So pleased that I found most of what I wanted.

Now I Rise. Oh. So excited for this one :D But, well, I peeked. Not fully happy. So unsure when I'll read it.
Spectacle. Eee! I am SO EXCITED. Re-reading book one. Cannot wait for this one. I peeked. Eee. Yess.
The Pearl Thief. I was pretty excited about this one :D Sadly, it wasn't all that good, but it's so gorgeous.
Missing. I just heard about this book a couple of days ago. Saw it then on ng. CANNOT wait to read it :D

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. Wow! What a haul you got this week. So many books that I want to read. Glad your trip to Chicago was fun.

  2. Awesome haul of books this week. I hope you love all of your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  3. Yay, I'm glad you're back, safe and sound! Goodness, so many books. You hit the jackpot in terms of book haul. :D I am waiting for my preorder of Starfall to arrive! It's such a pretty book. Enjoy, Carina!

    Have a wonderful weekend. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. OMG, what an epic haul!! Glad to hear you had such a great time in Chicago, and thank you for sharing all your adventures on Insta, it was fun to see! They sent books to your hotel room??? That is so cool! What a great treat. That Heartless cover is my favorite of them all, I'm waiting for my copy to reach me. So pretty. And I didn't realize Traitor was already out in the UK! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy all the new goodies---and I hope that bad news you mentioned blows over! *hugs* sweet girl!♥

  5. Is Traitor to the Throne out already?! NEED. WANT. NOW.


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