Saturday, February 18, 2017

In My Mailbox #276

This week have been both good and bad. Good, because I got to re-read Menagerie and then read Spectacle :D Bad, because my laptop just about died. I still haven't managed to put together any of my Chicago post. I will get it done this weekend, though, hopefully :) After I got home, I needed a few days to relax. And then when I was on my laptop one night, I did something stupid. I tried to get a program for free. Sigh. So I downloaded something I needed for that. And it turned out to be a virus. And it fucked up my whole laptop. Turns out it deleted my whole profile or whatever. Wasn't possible to open the internet or settings and nothing could be done about it. Sigh. Thankfully, I could see all my files. And save them on a portable harddisc. Tried to reset the laptop, did not work. Had to download windows 10 to an USB and put that in. Thankfully, that did work, so now my laptop is finally back together again :) Not as perfect as it was before.. but alive at least. And still the same fast and such. Just missing a few things. Hmph. Also, guessing it is karma, but the program I was trying to get for free, turns out my sister could get it to me for free, since she's a student. Ha ha ha. Ugh. So my laptop did not have to die. Sigh. But it did. And it ruined my whole week. But it's better now, at least :) And, the new 80+ pokemon have arrived in pokemon go :D And eee, I'm so excited. I got 23 different ones on Friday. So happy. And I did read two books this week. Happy about that too. Hoping to read more after the weekend :) And catch up to some shows I haven't watched in a while too. I just need the energy to do everything. Ugh. I did blog a bunch this week as well :D I posted my book recommendation of Menagerie. <3 Then my review of Spectacle :) This week I'm waiting on Lord of Shadows. <3 Then I posted the cover reveal for Before She Ignites :D This week I sadly didn't get much mail at all. Ahh. Only got one book. Gosh. I'm waiting on so much, yet nothing is arriving. Ugh. Next week, I hope that everything will arrive :) Crossing my fingers next week will be great.

Lady Midnight. I think this is the Australian paperback, maybe? Either way, it's gorgeous. Love this book.

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. Which Funko Pops are standing over the dvd's. Curious. Love the cover to Lady Midnight. Great haul.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  2. Oh no! It looks like you had the same bad luck with electronics this week as I did last week! LOL
    Lady M is so pretty! Nice addition to your collection!


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