Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Review: Missing by Kelley Armstrong

I simply couldn't help but request this book the moment I saw it. Because it sounded just like my kind of story. I love mysteries, lol. And I really enjoyed the other book like this by Kelley. So I was really excited to read this one. While I enjoyed this book, I sadly didn't love it. Aw. But I did enjoy the mystery very much.

I had expected to love this book, so it was a little disappointing when I started reading it that I hated the beginning. Okay, I didn't fully hate this book, but I disliked so much about the first parts of it. Mostly because it was boring, yet it was not supposed to be. Probably also because the book started in a weird place. Sigh.

The reason for why I had issues with the beginning was because of the main character, Winter, I think. I felt like this book began in a weird place, cause I wanted and needed to get to know Winter more first. I'm not sure how to describe it. Just that it bothered me to read the beginning and not know the girl enough. I simply didn't like her enough in the beginning, which was depressing. I also found some parts of the beginning to be pretty silly. Which is why I'm giving this book three stars. Because I did not love it all. Aw. But. The book did get better. And I found the last part of the book to be all kinds of awesome. Not perfect, but I enjoyed it a whole bunch. I didn't really have any issues with the writing, just didn't love it either. I liked the book, but sadly no love.

Missing is told from the point of view of Winter. She's a girl living in this very small town, where a lot of the people are poor, she included. She's on her final high school year, and just waiting for the time to be able to leave this town. She's really smart, and she knows how to hunt. I wish I could say that I loved her, but I had some issues with her. Aw. Mostly because I felt like I didn't connect to her at all. I liked reading about her, I just didn't fully care about her, which was so sad. She was interesting, though. But I wanted more.

This book is about Winter discovering a boy in the woods where she spends all her time. He has been beaten badly, and seems scared of someone. She helps him heal for a couple of days, and gets to know him too. Sadly I didn't connect with this at all. Or really understand the point of it. She didn't take him to the police or a doctor. Or someone else either. She didn't call anyone. And he even kisses her when she doesn't want it. I just did not like Lennon at all. He was supposed to seem cute, I guess, but he was not.

Thankfully, this boy was not the love interest at all. Because Lennon goes missing a few days after Winter finds him. And then his brother comes looking for him. And ah, I loved Jude a whole lot more. I had a few issues with him, aw, but for the most time I loved him a lot. And I shipped him and Winter so much. I liked reading about how they got closer, how they became friends, while also searching for Lennon. They don't have the best start, but they do get closer, and I loved that. They were pretty cute to read about together.

This book is about missing teenagers. I was hoping to love that so much, but I had so many issues with it in this book. Aw. Probably because Winter and Jude were the only ones looking for these missing teens. No one else seemed to think they were missing. The local sheriff was the most awful person, that really bothered me too. It shouldn't be like that. Sigh. I enjoyed reading about Winter and Jude looking for clues, because it was interesting, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be. Some parts got boring fast.

But despite all that I found the mystery in this book to be all kinds of interesting. I liked finding out who the kidnapper was. I liked how it all fit into the story, with all the characters. I also liked the final scenes of the book. I liked the romance, though I wish that had been a bigger part of the book. Another thing I didn't like, though, was the ending for some of the characters. Someone died. I really needed to know what happened after that, and it wasn't written. Hmph. I needed to know more, so I was a little disappointed.

I'm not going to say more about this book. I'm just unable to think of anything else at the moment, lol. I enjoyed this book a lot, but I also had a lot of issues with it, and so I didn't love it. But I am glad that I read it. And I do think you should all read it too. The mystery was interesting. But ahh. I did not like that there were so many feral dogs in this book that got murdered, in awful ways. Shudders. Winter is also getting abused, and that bothered me too, because the reason for it was beyond weird and not okay at all. Ugh.


  1. I didn't even realize she's got a new book out! I have to check it out.

  2. Too bad you didn't like this more. It's hard when a book starts out boring. I met Kelly once at a book signing, and she is such a nice person.


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