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Review: Flashtide by Jenny Moyer

So happy to have been able to read this book so early. Eee. I loved book one, Flashfall, so much. And I have been dying to read this sequel ever since. This book was a fast and awesome read. I wish it had been longer, though. And wish there would be a third book. How rude. But this sequel was all kinds of amazing.

Though I did love Flashfall more. But I still loved this one very much. Giving it four stars; as there were a few things that that bothered me. Aw. A bit sad about that, as I wanted to love this final book as much as I loved book one. But yeah, a few issues. But nothing too big; for the most part I loved this book so much.

Flashtide takes place a few months after the end of Flashfall. And I liked that a lot. Orion and Dram have now been living in the mountains for a long time, with the new friends that they made. I loved reading about them. And this mountain place. Seemed like an interesting way to live; yet a bit heartbreaking too, as they had to move all the time, to avoid being captured. But ah, from the very first pages, Orion is having some doubts about Dram. And that made me a bit upset. But, thankfully, it wasn't a big thing, and it didn't really happen in the whole book, so I'm okay with it. Just, a bit sad. But yeah. The beginning of this was exciting. New creatures. New wounds. Ahh. There is so much that I liked about this world. Especially all the creatures.

Like with book one, this one is told from the point of view of Orion. And I loved that lots. This girl is still awesome and still fierce. And her relationship with Dram is the best. Yess. But aw, they don't spend all of this book together, and that made me a bit sad. Yet this book was so exciting and I couldn't stop reading it. So much happens. And it's all interesting to read about. I loved learning more about the flash curtain, and more about some new scary creatures. More about the ruling parts of this world too. Enjoyed that.

I'm not going to say too much about this book. Just some things about it that I liked and that bothered me a little bit. For the most part, though, I loved this book so so much. Flashtide was so exciting and awful and I enjoyed it so much. It's heartbreaking yet full of hope too. Lots of death. And other awful moments, like in book one. I liked that a lot. And Orion goes to tons of new places. I enjoyed reading about that too. For the most part, this book was amazing. And the romance with Orion and Dram made me the happiest.

The thing I loved most about this book was the romance. It's the most awesome thing. Orion and Dram are so cute together. And reading about them being in love was the best thing. They have some cute scenes together. Yesss. And I love how Dram protects her. But oh, something about this made me a bit sad and upset. I loved book one because of their teamwork. There was very little of that in this sequel. Near the end, Orion is so dramatic because of a change, and she hurts Dram, and I'm not okay with that.

Yes, something bad with Dram happens around the middle of the book, but he wasn't at fault for it, yet Orion is acting like he hurt her like crazy. She's being a bit too dramatic about it and I did not like that at all. Because she does not apologize for hurting him on purpose. Hmph. It was not nice. But it wasn't a bit part of the book, thankfully, and most of the book their romance is the very best. Eee. Loved it so very much. Also, to be clear, there is no love triangle at all. No hint of it. Never. And that was very awesome.

I think that one of the big reasons for why I didn't fully love all of this book was because of the time jumps. I noticed a lot of time going by. Like, almost every time a new chapter started, days had gone by. And that bothered me a little bit, as I wanted to know more about everything and every place. So a bit sad about the time jumps; they made me lose focus a few times. But it wasn't a big deal, not really. Because I still loved this book. And I still found everything to be exciting and evil and I enjoyed reading it all. So good.

But ah, another thing that bothered me about the time jumps, is that I didn't get to see nearly enough about some of the other characters. I didn't get to see how everything ended for them. I didn't get to see Orion being with some of them. Example, Orion finds out something about her parents. Yet that wasn't really written down. I only learned it because I figured it out myself; she didn't really mention it at all until later on. Hmph. But besides that, this book was the best. And I did like learning that secret as well. Yay.

I'm so thrilled that I got to read Flashtide early. Eee. Thank you so much precious friend for trading it with me. This book is precious to me. And I cannot wait for the finished copy to come out as well. I know that I'm going to read Flashfall more times. And while I didn't love Flashtide just as much, I know I'm going to re-read this one too. Eee. Already looking forward to it. If you have read book one, then you really must read this sequel. I loved learning how things ended for everyone. It's a great final book. You must read it.


  1. It's been a while since I've read an apocalyptic book of sorts so I really should try Flashfall. Glad you loved this one!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the book (for the most part)! I think the bit of drama from Orion might weigh down my rating (and it sounds like there is a little bit of distance between them somewhere in the book?), but it's good that there is a happy ending for them. I think I'm probably also going to like this less than Flashfall - but then, Flashfall was AMAZING. :D

    Wonderful review, Carina! Have a great week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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