Saturday, July 23, 2016

In My Mailbox #247

Aw. This week I also only managed to read one book. Hmph. But I'm feeling better. So hopefully reading more shortly :D I'm going to re-read The School for Good and Evil trilogy next, and I am oh so excited. <3 Yesterday and today have been our two hottest summer days in years. Sigh. Sadly, though, I did not get to spend today outside for long. Yesterday my cat got something in her throat. She kept coughing or whatever, and puking up slime, and she was not better today. And so I took her to the vet, as she eats a lot of grass when she's outside. Turns out she had a ten cm long grass in her throat. Shudders. She has been sleeping for five hours now, and have only been awake a little bit. But I think she's feeling better. Bad part was that it cost so goddamn much. Ugh. Especially since today was a saturday. Sigh. But it had to be done. And my girl is better. So yay. Anyway. This week. Even though I didn't get to read much, I have still had an awesome week :) I got so so much awesome mail :D Eeee. So happy about it all. <3 Not many posts this week, but still a few. This week I'm waiting on Hunted :D Which sounds awesome. I posted my preview review of The Voyage to Magical North :) This week my Book Collection is books by Emily Murdoch. <3 Hoping to read more this week. And feel even better, though I doubt that, lol. But yeah. Very happy with all that I got this week :) Still waiting on more awesome things, eee. So happy.

Nevernight. EEE! Thank you so, so much Jenna for sending me this one :D I have them all. AHH :D Love.
Metaltown + The Graces + The Edge of Everything + The Lovely Reckless. Ahh! Thank you so much Andye :D I am thrilled that I won these books from you. <3 Eee! Excited about reading them all soonish :)
The Ever Never Handbook. Eee, so happy to have this one :D Reading it very soon. I'm so excited for it.
A World Without You. Eee, I'm super excited about reading this book soonish. It seems so so amazing.
This Savage Song. Finally, my pre-ordered hardcover arrived, lol :D I loved this one. Signed arriving too.
The Crimson Skew. I must finally re-read book one and then get to finish this trilogy :D I'm excited for it.
Rebellion. Not sure when I will get to read this one.. but at least now I own all the books :) It is pretty.
The Copper Gauntlet. Gorgeous US paperback edition is finally out :) I adored this book. Oh so much.
The Last Ever After. Gah. This book is the very best. And I love this paperback edition of it. Gorgeous.
The Shadow Hour. Well.. I do regret buying these :( But they had been shipped before I finished it. Sigh.
Funko Pop. This dragon is adorable :D And more Black Panther. Whom I adore. And Eve. I love them.
Zootopia. Some gorgeous figures from this awesome movie. The last of those I were missing :) So cute.
Wild Swans Swag. Eee! Thank you so much Jessica :D I love this swag oh so much. It's so stunning. <3

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  1. I've heard good things about The School of Good and Evil. Hope you enjoy re-reading it. I'm reading one of Sue Grafton's adult mysteries right now.

  2. Ahhh, so many great books here. I have read quite a few and really enjoyed them. Metaltown is on my TBR - I can't wait to read it!

    Have a wonderful week, Carina. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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