Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani

Third time reading this precious book. And it just keeps breaking my heart more and more. Hmph. But gosh, how I love it. I simply adore this series. So much. But yeah. The heartbreak is real. Sniffs. And now I'm even more nervous about re-reading book three, lol. Because that one made me cry last year. And I think it will hurt my heart even more now. But I'm also so excited for it, because that third book was the most beautiful and perfect one too. Sigh. I love these covers so much. And such stunning artwork inside.

I don't know what to say about this second book in this series. My third time reading it. And I love it very much. But it also makes my heart hurt a bunch. Sad face. Yet I can't help but love that too. Because I find this story to be so incredible. So much fun too. And evil. So evil. I would not say that these books are for children. Shrugs. Okay, not young children, at least. They are perfect for me. And everyone must read them. Hmph. But anyway. The writing is, as always, perfection. Which is the very best. Love these words.

I loved reading every page in this book. Though I must say that my favorite part is the ending. I finally got the kiss I had been waiting ages for, lol. And it is such a bad cliffhanger. Ack. But so exciting. And makes me worry so much, despite knowing all of book three. I just find this book to be so exciting and awesome and mean. I must say that I am still angry with Sophie. Sigh. She keeps lying about things, and hurting Agatha. But I also like her a little bit too. Because she can be a good person too. Maybe. A bit unsure.

I simply love every part of this book. All the characters are so much fun to read about. I adore Hester and Dot and Anadil. The three witches. Though they are a bit mean towards Dot. Hmph. But yeah. They are all adorable and horrible and I love them so much. The other characters in this book are awesome too. Though Hort is, as always, a bit annoying, lol. Yet I do feel for him. Very much. The teachers are still awesome, except the male ones. How they treated Tedros.. well. That wasn't okay at all. Big no for me.

There is a new villain in this book. A new Dean. And gosh. I hated this woman. Even more this third time reading about her. She was so awful. Shudders. And she ruined so much. Hmph. But, as always, she was interesting to read about. Maybe. But yeah. Mostly I just loved Dovey and Lesso. They are both so awesome. I just found all the characters to be interesting to read about. And I loved learning about them all. I truly did. But yeah. My favorite character was, as always, Agatha. And Tedros. And a little bit Sophie.

Agatha is still the best person I know of. She is so so good. She doesn't see what Sophie has done, what she continues to do. She always tries to see the best in her. In everyone. And I love Agatha for that. She is the kindest person. And oh, how I love reading about her and getting to know her. Sigh. Then there is Tedros, her prince. And gah. So much drama in this one. And I loved every moment. I love getting to know this boy. Though he can really be such an idiot sometimes. Ugh. Yet I still love him the most. Aw.

I'm so glad I'm re-reading these books right now. Though my heart is already dying, lol, and I haven't even started The Last Ever After yet. Ahh. But I'm also feeling so happy, because these books are so much fun too. But evil. Yes. I'm so excited for book four out next year. And the movie out too. I need to know more about it. Ack. Anyway. I just loved A World Without Princes so much. And I love these books the most. And I simply adore Soman. He is the most awesome. Cannot wait to read more books by him.

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  1. I wish I have time to reread books. Sigh. Glad you loved them more than the first time. :)


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