Thursday, May 12, 2016

Review: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

I feel a bit broken. I'm pretty sure this book ruined me. Ahh. It was such a good book. But so heartbreaking and evil and my heart may never recover, lol. But gosh, I loved it so much. Five stars for this precious book. Though a few parts made me a lot of angry, lol, but mostly I loved this book so much. It's stunning.

Beyond happy about owning a print ARC of this one. It means the most to me. Hugs. And I couldn't help but start this book the moment I got it, as I had been waiting so long for it already. I have read everything by Kendare, and gosh, I adore her so much. She's so kind and sweet, and her books are all amazing.

I have always known I would love this one, since I have loved everything by Kendare so far. But also because of that cover. And that summary. Sigh. But yeah, it was so awesome to know that I did love it. That it did not disappoint me. Okay, fine, I'm still a bit angry about a few small things, which I will talk about soonish. But even so. I loved this book. The writing is beyond gorgeous. This book is written so well and I truly loved every word of it. I'm so happy with this book. The fantasy in it is all kinds of amazing. The characters were all so good to read about. There are tons of surprises. And so many betrayals and heartbreaks and ahh. But also some really great friendships as well. I adored reading about all of it. Wish it had been even longer.

How do I even begin to talk about this book? I'm unsure. There is this island. And for ages there have been born one set of triplets every generation. Three queens. Whom will end up fighting each other to death after they turn sixteen; as only one can be queen. Shudders. These three girls spent their first six years together, and then they were taken apart, to not see each other again until they turn sixteen. This book tells the story of each of them, and gosh, they all have such exciting stories. All the love for them.

The first sister is Katharine. Whom is supposed to be the best at poisons; should be able to handle all of it. And yet she has no powers at all. It was pretty heartbreaking. Getting to know this girl was the very best. She's my favorite of the sisters. The most gentle, I think. She's sweet and awesome. I hated how she was treated by Genevieve. Hmph. But I did like Natalia. The small romance between Kat and Pietyr was gorgeous. I loved it. But then the ending happened, and I am so unsure. Just. Yeah. I adored Kat.

The second sister is Arsinoe. Whom is supposed to have the power over animals and flowers. Yet she also has no power at all. Ack. Which upset me. Because I really did like Arsinoe. She was kind and awesome and I liked getting to know her. I ship her and Billy so much. Ahh. I hope they will end up together. I want it. I loved reading about the place she lived in. So many different characters in that place. And I liked getting to know them all. Some were not very nice. Hmph. But others were the best.

The third sister is Mirabella. Whom is an elemental, and the only sister who actually has real powers. I thought I would love this girl. She seemed pretty amazing at first. And I liked her friends, Bree and Elizabeth. I thought she was in love with Bree. Which is why I'm so disappointed with her, lol. Because there are some boy drama and I can't stand it. I can't help but feel a bit badly towards Mira because of it. Sigh. But despite that, I did think she was an amazing girl and I did like reading about her. Mostly :)

Arsinoe has a best friend, Jules. And oh gosh. This girl was my favorite person in the whole book. I loved her the very most. And it makes my heart hurt so badly. I wanted the best for her. She is so kind and sweet and lovely. Yet she is getting hurt so often in this one and I cannot stand it. It isn't fair. Jules has the powers that Arsinoe does not have. And she is amazing at it. Sigh. I loved it. There is magic in this book. It is lovely. I loved how Jules has a familiar, an animal that is sort of part of her. Beautiful.

Jules is together wih Joseph. And this is where my issues with this book began. Sobs. I'm not sure my heart will ever get over it. I ship these two beyond anything. They were so cute at first. They had loved each other for years, and finally got together. Then he leaves. And meet a girl whom he sleeps with. Over and over again. And it makes no sense at all. It hurts so badly. I'm so mad at him. I'm not sure I can ever forgive him, because I don't think he is done with that other girl yet. I just. I cannot. It hurts.

But even though I had that issue, I still loved this book so much. And I still love Joseph, somewhat, I want him and Jules together so badly. And I just. I do not like triangles, lol, and this one feels like one so much. Sigh. But it isn't the focus of the book. And the plot in this one, gosh. The plot is all kinds of perfect. I loved how each sister has different lives, and different people raising them. I loved how they are preparing for the festival, and then having to try killing each other. So interesting and exciting. Ahh.

This book was sort of the set up for the big battle to death to come. And gosh, I cannot wait for the next book. It's going to be amazing. But though the big battle wasn't in this one, there was still so much happening all the time. Some deaths too. It was a pretty heartbreaking book. And I loved all of it. You all need to read this one when it comes out in September. It will be worth it. And I think everyone is going to love it. I hope it ends up being a big book, which it deserves. Because it was simply perfection. Sigh.

Three Dark Crowns was everything I wanted it to be. This book was exciting and fun and heartbreaking. I loved reading about the sisters and their lives. I loved getting to know this world. I cannot wait to read the next book. Because, oh, this book ends in such a mean way. I need to know what will happen next. There isn't a cliffhanger, but it is still mean, and oh, I still want to know what happens next more than anything. Gosh. Waiting for the next one will be torture. Sigh. Just, so glad I read this one. So good.


  1. Oh wow. 5 Stars. I supposed, it's to be expected. I know how much you love her books. I need this one, too.

  2. This one sounds really amazing, and the cover is gorgeous! I like it when books have magic in it, and have strong female friendships. Great review!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress


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