Saturday, May 21, 2016

In My Mailbox #238

I'm a bit late in posting this week, because I had a pretty busy day. Sorry about that :) I have had such a good week. A bit bad too, but mostly amazing. I WON AN ARC OF BLOOD FOR BLOOD :D EEEE! And it will be personalized. <3 Gosh. I am BEYOND excited :D Ahhh. Soon it shall be mine. And I learned I will be getting an ARC of Gemina from a most precious friend of mine. <3 Oh my gosh. SO excited and happy :D And then I learned that I will also be getting an ARC of Foxheart along with my signed Claire books, and ahhhh :D I am dying. <3 This has been the week of the most amazing things. Sniffs. I'm so happy. And grateful. And not fully believing how lucky I am right now. Ahh. You are all the very best. <3 Hugs. Anyway. I also read three books this week; though one was pretty short, heh :) But still. Three books. Sadly, they weren't all that good. Ugh. But I am now wanting to read, so that's good. I'm also catching up to Game of Thrones, as I had yet to see the last five episodes of season 5. Just finished those. On to season 6 :D I love this show so much. <3 I do. Anyway. A bit of blogging this week :D I shared my review of Puppy Pirates: Catnapped! <3 It was pretty cute. I then shared my review of Ivory and Bone, which wasn't very good at all. This week I'm waiting on Gemina, eee :D I then shared my review of Tell Us Something True, which also wasn't very good. Ugh. And this week my Book Collection is books by Jodi Meadows. <3 I had a pretty good week. Some gorgeous mail. Some awesome news. But I also had a bad week. In a lot of pain lately. So many issues with my body. Makes me so sad. Sigh. Plus the books I read weren't very good, lol. But soon I will read amazing books, and I can't wait :D Ahh. How was your week?

Zootopia. YAY! Finally this one was shipped to me :D I have been waiting so many weeks. Stunning.
Some Kind of Happiness. Eee :D I love this book so, so much. <3 And my hardcovers are GORGEOUS.
Art Therapy. Bought so many pencils a few weeks back. I shall start trying to color in this one. Cute.
Inside Out. Gah. I realized I have so many books that I haven't bought yet. Working on it :) Love it.
Zootopia. Slowly getting my collection bigger and bigger. <3 Gosh, I love this movie. Such cute books.
Frozen. I need to stop buying ever Frozen book I see. But it is hard. Sigh. They are just so pretty, lol :)
The Raven King + Blue Lily, Lily Blue + Sinner. YAY! My signed books from Fountain :D All the love. <3
Shadowhunters. This awesome book by Cassandra Jean and Cassandra Clare I just had to buy :D LOVE!

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  1. Signed books or book merchandise is always awesome. You got some great stuff in your haul this week. Have a lovely weekend.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  2. I love all the signed Maggie stuff! ( I don't read much of her stuff, but she has such a cool signature lol). I never did get to see Zootopia. My family saw it while I was at work and we just haven't made to the movies since then! :( Enjoy all of your new goodies, Carina!

  3. Ohh I'm obsessed with all of those Art Of books! They're just the prettiest, and one day I want to collect them for my favorite movies. :) Yay for signed Maggie books! I always resist buying the signed ones because I keep hoping one day she'll sign somewhere I can actually make it to! :)

    I hope you enjoy everything and yay for getting Gemina!! I managed to trade for a copy and about died when it came! :D


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