Saturday, August 29, 2015

In My Mailbox #200

I have read a lot of books this week. Four. And this makes me very happy :D My health sucks, I have this awful hole, but I'm happy, because I read a bunch of amazing books. Sigh. So much love :D And I'm planning on reading much more too. Starting with my eARC of City of Thirst. <3 So excited. I also got some gorgeous mail this week :D Harry Potter Pop!s are arriving. <3 Still waiting on four more ;p But.. I think my Snape has the wrong colour. I'm not pleased. Ugh. And Hagrid has an almost hole on his face. And Harry arrived with his wand bent. Ugh. But think that one is fixed now; hopefully :) But anyway. I also got some gorgeous books this week as well. <3 So happy. Still waiting for tons more. Ugh :) No more room left, shortly.. I cannot. Must not think of that. Anyway. A whole bunch of blog posts this week :D I posted my review of Vengeance Road. <3 Which I really liked. Then I read Menagerie, which I loved :D Then posted another gorgeous Cress Tuesday. <3 And then I read The Witch Hunter; was disappointing. I'm waiting on Blood and Salt this week :D I shared the gooorgeous cover for The Steep and Thorny Way. <3 Then I read the very perfect The Shadow Queen :D And then I re-read The Map to Everywhere. <3 So much love. So many posts. I loved loved reading so much. It was perfect. What did you get this week?

Frozen. Pretty new Frozen book :D I need them all, lol. And this one is so gorgeous looking. Love it.
The Copper Gauntlet. Two gorgeous hardcovers of this. <3 And UK paperback :D So excited to read!
Hotel Transylvania 2. I had to buy a second copy of this book. It has such goorgeous images inside :D
Frozen. Another gorgeous new Frozen book :D I suppose I need to read all the stories sometime soon.
The School for Good and Evil 1&2. So many different editions :D Now I have them all. <3 So perfect.
Plus One. Yaaay! This paperback is STUNNING :D I'm in there too. Love love love. I love this book.
The Nightmare Charade. Thank you so much Alexis at Tor Teen for this gorgeous finished copy :D Love.
The Young Elites. I did love this book so much. So I couldn't not buy the new paperback. Ack. Pretty.
Iron Man. Gosh damn. He is gorgeous. Fabrikation thingy. Paid too much, ugh. But worth it. Love him.
Harry Potter Pop! YAY :D Finally getting my Harry Potter Pop!s. <3 They are truly gorgeous looking. Love.
Gates of Thread and Stone swag. Thank you so so much Lori :D You are the sweetest. <3 So much pretty.

The Shadow Queen. Ahhh! So thrilled it was on Edelweiss :D I have already read it. And loved it so.
A Drop of Night. So excited for this book :D Glad I got it from Edelweiss. <3 Reading it very soonish.
Flamecaster. Sort of regret getting it from Edelweiss. Ugh. But I'm still going to read it :D Hope to love.
City of Thirst. Yesss :D Thank you so much to the publisher via Netgalley. <3 Reading it next :) Excited.

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  1. Great haul! So many pretty books! I can't wait to read The Shadow Queen and I'm so happy you loved it! Hope you enjoy all your books!

    My STS

    Lizzie @ Big Books and Grande Lattes

  2. YAY. The Harry Potter POPs are so cute. I would love to have them all but I don't have room to display them. I'm sorry your health isn't good right now. Hopefully it'll improve some with more time. I'm so happy you loved Shadow Queen.

  3. Such an amazing haul this week! I love the Harry Potter Pops, so cute! And The Copper Gauntlet, ahhh! I'm so excited to read that one, hope you enjoy it. The Shadow Queen and Flamecaster sound brilliant too - happy reading! :)

  4. Such a haul full of gorgeousness! I love the different copies of School for Good & Evil, so pretty. And the Gates of Thread and Stone swag--beautiful! Those books have such pretty covers. Eeee, the Shadow Queen! So glad to hear you loved it. All those lovely harper books that went up on edelweiss this week, sigh. It's almost enough to make me try ebooks again lol. Ack. :/ Maybe. :)

  5. Glad you got a lot of reading done this week! And I hope your health gets better :) So many pretty books, and I'm excited about those Edelweiss titles as well, especially The Shadow Queen.
    Great haul, Carina :)

  6. I really hope you will be feeling better soon sweetie! *hugs*
    But YAY for getting loads of awesomeness in the mail and reading and loving Shadow Queen already!!

  7. Shadow Queen sounds great. Hope that you enjoy and have a great upcoming week.

  8. Fantastic haul, C. I'm so glad you're able to read a lot of books this week. I hope your streak continues!

  9. Love the cover of One Plus One! Enjoy your books, Carina! :)

  10. #200! That is awesome. I hope you feel well this week, and read lots of awesome! Have a great week, Carina :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  11. WOW! So many incredible books (love those HP figures too)!

    Hope you enjoy everything :)

  12. The cover for Plus One is SO gorgeous. I just wished I had liked the book a little more!
    I reeeeally hope I get approved for Shadow Queen. Fingers crossed!

  13. I need to collect some of those HP funko dolls too, they are adorable :) I can't wait for The shadow queen <3 Happy reading!

  14. Beautiful haul as always! :) I need the Harry Potter Pop! figures in my life as well! :D

    And being mentioned in a book, that's so cool! :)


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